August 30, 2014

Spoken Word: 'Miss America 2014' by Ramya Ramana

Nina Davuluri
Nina Davuluri won the 2014 Miss America contest. She is the first American of Indian descent to win that prestigious award. Not everyone in America was happy with her victory. There were some who chose to 'hate' on Ms. Davuluri rather than glory in the diversity that is America.

Ramya Ramana, 2014 Youth Poet Laureate, recently won a full scholarship to St. John's University as a result of her creative talents. Ms. Ramana was proud that Nina Davuluri had a similar heritage as herself. As such, she was deeply offended when she read from anonymous 'haters' on the Internet who spat out vile against Ms. Davuluri.

Ms. Ramana responded with her own lyrical spit.

"...say back, 'NO'. Your great-grandfathers raped, killed and oppressed every race in the world ... YOU are the biggest terrorist I know."

Powerful words...

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