October 13, 2014

Halloween Brings Out the Anti-Obama Fools in Oklahoma

An Oklahoma man who outraged at least one neighbor by including an Obama headstone as part of his Obama Halloween display is refusing to take it down. [SOURCE]

The headstone with the name “Obama” and what appears to be blοod dripping down from the name has some wondering what Dockens was thinking when he added it to his holiday display.
He is the president of the United States, and it actually is about respect,” said Dockens’ neighbor, Jamila Phillips, . “It’s a total respect thing because this person is still alive.
Phillips, who is Black, said she felt she had a responsibility to bring attention to Docken’s Halloween decorations and worries about how the bloοdy Obama headstone will impact her kids.  Although Phillips only recently moved to the neighborhood, Dockens said he’s been putting up the Obama display for the last three years without issue.
We made them a few years ago back when it was a big deal, questions up about his birth certificate,” Dockens said. “And we made all these ourselves, so just thought it was kind of humorous and, you know, went ahead and put him in there, as well.”
And there may be the problem.  The rest of this fool's neighbors seem to think it is perfectly OK to have such a disrespectful Halloween display in the front yard!  Dockens said even though he’s rubbed his neighbor the wrong way, he has no plans of taking the tombstone down.
I certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody or cause any problems,” he said. “Don’t know that I would take it down.

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