June 1, 2015

Village Tip: How to Handle Rejection

Part of selling anything is handling rejection. It's always great when a prospect says "I'm so glad to see you. This is just what I need!" But the law of averages says most of the people you come in contact with won't be that enthusiastic.

There are so many ads and people trying to get us to spend money that most of us put on a stern face any time a sales person approaches. This doesn't mean we dislike the sales person, just that we're getting psyched up to hold our ground.

Of course, a good sales person realizes this and works to set our reservations at ease, helping us to relax and understand how the sales person may be able to solve our problems.

Keep this in mind when you are selling something. It doesn't matter if you are selling cars, telling a neighbor about your MLM opportunity, or using email to sell yourself to a prospective employer.

Rejection is part of the game. Realize people aren't rejecting you personally, but the situation. In most cases they simply aren't ready to buy at this time. No doesn't usually mean no, but not right right now. A week, month, or year from the now the prospect who rejected your sales pitch may come looking for you wanting to buy.

I will continue to share these Village Tips on a semi-regular basis!

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