September 14, 2009

President Carter Discusses America's Fear of a Black President

Villagers, it should be interesting to see how America responds to the cogent words of former President Jimmy Carter. Listen carefully to Carter's political analysis in this video clip:

What are your thoughts on President Carter's statement?
I imagine that it is inevitable. It is virtually impossible for politics at a national level to focus on policy or ideas. Barack Obama shared his thoughts on race during a remarkable speech last year in Philadelphia. I suspect that the issue will be on the front burner again.


msladyDeborah said...


Jimmy Carter is only confirming what we know to be true about this nation. Race does matter. And the backlash towards Obama is not all about policy issues.

This is not news to us. How can it be? Before Obama ever showed up on the political horizon, didn't we have conversations about what it would be like for a Black POTUS?
I cannot recall ever having a conversation on this subject that did not include what the racist factions of this nation would do.

Some of members of that faction are truly dillusional. They claim that his race has nothing to do with the displeasure. Apparently they must think that we all have a reading and comprehension problem. Because the signs and their slogans are overtly racist. They are just too punk azz to admit that his race does matter to them.

I like the fact that Jimmy Carter called the situation by its proper name. That makes what is real understandable and have meaning. Bill Clinton couldn't have made this statement without receiving a black/back/lash about it. We already know there are no former GOP POTUS' who would speak up in this manner.

One day I suspect that when we look back at Jimmy Carter's overall contributions to life in these United States, we are going to realize that a true warrior rose up from out of Plains, Georgia and he fought the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Hey Villager,

All I can do is say 'amen' to Msladydeborah. Not much more I can add without being repetitive.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Msladydeborah laid down. I wrote about this over at daddyBstrong. My points are similar to hers: Many Americans are either unable or unwilling to accept a black man as their president. The very thought plays with their simplistic but deeply held notion deep down that black a little more than sex-crazed animals lying in wait like a tiger in high grass to rape their loyal wife (they hope) or-- god forbid-- deflower their precious, lily-white daughter. Blessings.

Monica Roberts said...


All I can do is hold up a clenched fist and grab the black beret on your comment. ;)

kennyx6 said...

Wow, this was a stand-up revelation that I didn't think I would have hear! President Carter is telling the truth, Big Time!

Unknown said...

Lady D - Thank you for sharing your insights. It is overt in the signs and talk radio hosts/callers that racism is alive and well in America. The health care debate ... including the Joe Wilson outburst ... demonstrate that Obama's opponents target him as a person, rather than his policies.

...and I must admit that President Carter (like Sen. Kennedy) lived long enough to rebound/rebuild their reputations and legacy...