September 10, 2009

Can South Carolina Republicans Improve Reputation?

I was glad to see that House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) responded to Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-SC) heckling of the President last night by saying that Wilson "took our state's reputation to a new low."
"I thought Mark Sanford had taken it as low as it could go, but this is beyond the pale," said Clyburn.
South Carolina Republicans are trying to stop the bleeding. Sixty-one of the 72 House Republicans in South Carolina have signed a letter asking Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) to resign due to inappropriate conduct revolving around his extramarital affair.

The letter concludes, "We have collectively come to the conclusion that South Carolina will not be able to move forward under your leadership."
Illinois already impeached their governor this year ... can South Carolina be far behind?


Monica Roberts said...


This is the same bunch that saved GW Bush's 2000 Republican presidential campaign by claiming that John McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter was Black.

Unknown said...

Monica - South Carolina is an entertaining place for us political junkies...