September 30, 2009

Becoming Barack: Evolution of a Leader

I never heard of Barack Obama until the 2004 Democratic National Convention when he gave his nationally televised speech. I didn't think much more about him until I read his book, Dreams of My Father in early 2007. I became a Barack Obama supporter after finishing that book.

I respect his journey. I respect the work that he did in Chicago as a community organizer.

As such, I think that I'll enjoy seeing this DVD, Becoming Barack, Evolution of a Leader, that shares information about his early career path ... before he became the most famous person on the earth.

I'm told that there is footage in this documentary from three of the earliest known recorded interviews with President Obama:
  1. 1986 - a Chicago news story about Obama's early success as a community activist

  2. 1991 - a clip from a news interview while he was a student at Harvard Law School

  3. 1993 - a 15-minute lost interview of a 32-year old Obama, two years out of law school, a professor teaching constitutional law at University of Chicago, a fervent community organizer and a newlywed who had not yet contemplated running for public office

Here is a trailer from the DVD:

I like to think that our president is still evolving. I look forward to seeing how the story unfolds over the next seven years! How about you?


Durward Discussion said...

This is a definite must have if only for an historical record to keep in your family possessions.

Unknown said...

Jamie - I agree. I was surprised that I hadn't heard of this effort prior to this past weekend.

clnmike said...

That does seem interesting, I'll have to check that out.