September 7, 2009

Our Focus is Out of Balance: And the Result is Weighing Us Down

by Melvin J. Gravely, Ph.D.
The Diverse Business Dialogue

On the scale of what we have and what we don't have, what we don't have seems to weigh more heavily. Whether it's money or time to go to college or number of bedrooms in the house or opportunities to do business or financing to get a business going, the list of those things lacking just seems longer.

OK, I realize it's human nature but it is so unproductive and I'm hearing it more as it relates to minortity business development. There are not enough educational opportunities, access to decision makers, nor enough "qualified" minority firms.

My new favorite questions are how many should there be and how many do you need? No one can answer the questions with anything other than, more! These two questions expose the reality, there is likely enough for you to succeed. There are enough qualified minority firms for you to increase your spending. There are enough entrepreneurial training programs for you to develop your skills. There is enough access to decision makers for you to grow your business. Shouldn't we lean more toward how we can and less on why we can't?

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msladyDeborah said...

Thanks for sharing this article Villager. I read it and I believe that the principles can be applied throughout our lives.

Balance is important. I am a firm believer that we have to have it personally and professionally.

Viewpoint is a component of balance. Either you see things in a possible light or as impossible. As you think it-so it is.

I like this article. It refreshed my brain for the day.

Unknown said...

Lady D - Many of us need to find balance in our lives. As for Dr. Gravely ... he is a very deep brother. I highly recommend his books for any of us that are seeking to succeed as entrepreneurs. He is also a great keynote speaker...