September 5, 2009

Sean Hannity for President

Sean Hannity hints about a desire to run for the presidency in 2012 and the right-wing wackos start having orgasms. It truly scares me that there are folks in the country who feel Sean Hannity and his Fox News mentality is the right person to serve as our President of the United States.

WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah (shown in photo) shared the following message with his followers:

Much of America is eagerly awaiting mid-term elections next year and presidential elections in 2012 so we can stop and reverse the destructive policies of Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress.

Yet, we all know it takes something to beat something.

Republicans have not offered much in the way of an alternative vision. Nor have they even been willing and able to jump on the tidal wave of opposition that has spontaneously erupted across the country as a result of their adversaries' arrogance and their perversion of American ideals.

I think many Americans share my longing for new leadership to emerge.

We're looking for people of strong, unshakeable convictions to the principles that made America great. We're looking for people who don't desire a career in politics so much as an opportunity to serve their country. We're looking for people who can articulate their beliefs boldly. We're looking for people who actually like America and Americans.

Last week, radio talk-show host, Fox News commentator and best-selling author Sean Hannity just offered the slightest hint that he might consider a bid for the presidency.

I can tell you that he instantly became my pick.

Hannity brings a lot to the table, besides a big audience and the ability to communicate effectively.

He was not a child of privilege. He worked hard to make something of himself. He knew many lean times as he struggled to make it in the highly competitive field of talk radio. He learned that America works for those who work hard. And he sincerely wants to preserve that kind of America for his own children – and their children.

Hannity is a nice guy – and it shows. He has Reaganesque qualities and the ability to inspire people with hope, confidence and a vision of a better way to get things done.

Hannity knows what he believes, and he knows it deep down in his soul. He's got unflagging inner convictions – the kind needed to stand up to the compromising pressures of Washington.

Hannity has made many friends in his careers in radio and TV. That is important because he can be a uniter, a unifier. Every other Republican presidential candidate seeks his favor. But he begins with a constituency of millions who listen to him and watch him daily.

Hannity would be a formidable candidate.

Do I agree with him on everything?


I don't agree with anyone on everything – with the possible exception of my wife. And she steadfastly refuses to run.

But I could get excited about a Sean Hannity candidacy. I could get excited about a Sean Hannity presidency. I even hear he has a birth certificate.

However, it is difficult for successful people like Hannity to risk everything, to put all they have worked hard for on the line, to give up multi-million-dollar contracts so they can beg others for money to help them win the most important office in the world.

It's a tough choice. Sean Hannity is at the top of his game. He's wealthy. He's influential. He's comfortable. And he's having fun doing what he's doing. Hannity loves his job. Giving it up would be a tremendous sacrifice.

He will need a lot of encouragement to step into this breach.

So that is what I am offering here.

I like Sean Hannity.

I respect Sean Hannity.

He's a righteous man.

He has all the ingredients of a good leader – a great leader.

And America is very much in need of a great leader.

I hope other Americans will join me in offering him encouragement to consider this mission – and consider it very seriously.

Media Matters notes that WND and Farah have repeatedly pushed the conspiracy theory that Obama does not have a valid birth certificate and was born in Kenya. Hannity himself has advanced and defended birth certificate theories.

Villager's Voice: Personally, I think that a Republican primary season with Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin as major candidates would be a hoot! One of the best things about Hannity being a candidate is that he would have to give up his radio and television show. That alone makes it worthwhile in my view.

What say u about a Hannity for President effort?


Renee said...

I support him. Run Hannity run it would be one less idiot on television nightly and Obama would clean his clock if he made it that far

Unknown said...

Renee - I used to think the same thing about Ronald Reagan. I've learned to 'watch what we wish for...'

msladyDeborah said...

I think that the GOP really believes that they are going to swoop the 2010 elections. But, I think that they are over estimating the organizing abilities of the rest of the nation.

As far as Hannity for president-he'll have to beat down the like of Sarah The Pitbull Palin, Romney and he'd have to grow a set of real balls to face the American public. Because he will find that outside of the protection of the studio there are real people who already recognize that he is a sincere idiot and have no problems with challenging him head on.

The GOP is a hawt mess. Michael Steele is probably the best thing that has happened for the Democratic Party since Obama. He really has no control over the elected officials nor does he have any new ideas to forward. He has been clowned by the MSM because he really cannot make up his mind on where he stands on policy.

I'm in total awe of how shell shocked this political party really is. Michael may think that he has the key to bringing people of color to the GOP, but I wouldn't be caught dead in their midst.

There is going to be a major battle in the GOP for the ticket. I bet that before their candidates emerge we are going to see all the dirt come out on their personal lives and we're going to see a level of racism that surpasses what is currently flowing through the nation.

But, if anything happens to Obama while he is in office, (God forbid this to be the case) Hannity may find that he'll have to run for his life-because there are going to be people of all races who point to him as one of the sources of that action. That might not be good for his story.

Monica Roberts said...

Hannity or Palin aren't qualified to be the president of the local PTA, much less this country.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Villager, the one to watch is Joe Scarborough. He resides in Florida--Southerner, where the Repubs are in a majority, and he possesses that quality that he admired in Reagan, even temperedness in character while sticking to hardline Republican ideals. But, perhaps, his greatest weapon will be his advocacy of fiscal conservatism on which he has a long track record. If President Obama does not get America's fiscal house in order, we will see President Scarborough because Romney and Huckabee will be too far right to attract independents--where the elction happens everytime.

Unknown said...

Lady D - You make a number of great points. My thought is that Obama has an opportunity to reclaim the offensive once he gets health care reform bill passed. That seems to be the singular issue that is bringing him down in the mind of many ... hopefully he can get that straight within the next few weeks.

He also needs to sense that the war in Afghanistan needs to be fixed...

Anyhow, I think that Hannity is too comfortable with the money he's making at Fox to run for public office. After all, didn't Palin leave public office to make money at Fox?

Unknown said...

Geoffry - I try to watch Morning Joe most days ... and I have to say that Joe Scarbrough gets on my nerves all the time. I feel ya' that he may be trying to parlay his recent book and his daily show into such a platform for the future. Does anyone know why he quit Congress in the first place?

iriegal said...

Wayne, this post had me thinking. I actually have it featured on my site,

Sean didn't impress me one bit during the Presidential elections. He seemed to be talking out both sides of his mouth. However, if I was to pit him against the other folks who OBAMA ran against, I would have to say he did indeed have a fighting chance.

Stop by when you have time and pick up your award.

Gunfighter said...

Sean Hannity is an ass. The Republicans might nominate him... but let them, I don't mind them shooting themselves in the foot.

Unknown said...

Iriegal - I appreciate you pointing folks to this post. Earning your 'post of the week' award is truly an honor. Asante sana!

Gunfighter - We are in 100% agreement on this one my brotha! Welcome back from vacation!