August 5, 2010

Birthers: Fear of a Black President

President Barack Obama celebrated his 49th birthday yesterday. Of course, this was simply another reason for the wacko "birther" movement folks to go crazy.

CNN released a poll that shows many Republicans (and others) in America are still buying into the nonsense that Manchurian Muslim who has infiltrated the White House:

  • Forty-two percent of those questioned say they have absolutely no doubts that the president was born in the U.S., while 29-percent say he "probably" was.
"Not surprisingly, there are big partisan differences, although a majority of Republicans thinks Obama was definitely or probably born here," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

"Eighty-five percent of Democrats say that Obama was definitely or probably born in the U.S., compared to 68 percent of independents and 57 percent of Republicans. Twenty-seven percent of Republicans say he was probably not born here, and another 14 percent of Republicans say he was definitely not born in the U.S."
That means some 41 percent of Republicans say Obama was probably or definitely not born in the United States.

The only reason that 41% of Republicans think such a thought is FEAR. Republicans ... primarily old white men ... simply have a insatiable fear of a Black president. They rather believe that he was born in Africa then believe that a majority of Americans voted on November 4, 2008 to make an African American the most powerful person on the planet.

When will Republicans ... and other white Americans ... get over their fear of a Black president. For that matter, when will they stop letting racial prejudice inform their every behavior and emotion?


Iya said...

As long as we hang in there, support him (and his family) with our prayers and positive thoughts,
I am convinced we will witness the truth of the statement, "This, too, shall pass."

philena said...

I'll just stick to Louis Farrakhan on this issue. There are bigger fish to fry.. And people need to stop picking sides and continuing to fall for the ole, "Divide and Conquer" techniques we call politics. I'm just glad the stupid idea of a "Coffee Party" didn't take off like the left/right paradigm pushers was hoping for.

Villager said...

Iya and Philena - You both make excellent points. Let's stay focused...