August 24, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Declines USDA Job Offer (VIDEO)

The Shirley Sherrod story took another turn today. Villagers recall that Mrs. Sherrod was forced to resign in July after edited misleading video footage of a speech she gave was posted on the Internet.

This blog joined with many others in asking President Obama to reinstate Mrs. Sherrod to her position. However, Sherrod decided that she was not going to come back to the Obama administration on a full time basis. She will be accepting work as an outside consultant with the US Department of Agriculture.

She explains to CNN's Tony Harris why she declined the positions offered by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in the following video:

Does anyone know if there was any consequence to Andrew Briebert for his deceitful blog post on Mrs. Sherrod that created the shytstorm in the first place?


Karen Swim, Words For Hire said...

Thanks so much for sharing the video here. I support her decision and pray that she is able to find a position worthy of her talent and grace. She continues to take the high road; what an incredible example for our young people. From what I've read Andrew Breitbart has not been held accountable. Ann Coulter insisted he was the real victim, we're waiting for Sarah Palin to weigh in and offer her support.

Villager said...

Karen - Thanx for update on Briebart. You didn't say it ... but, I think that Ann Coulter is a wingnut. She is unworthy of our attention...