August 11, 2010

National Taser-Torture Memorial

Did you know that almost 500 people have been tasered-to-death in North America?  At least 90 of these taser-related killings in America occurred since January 2010.

Most of the taser victims are recognized with a cross outside New Mount Calvary Baptist Church in the National Taser Memorial. Rev. Thomas Franklin created and maintains the memorial.

"There are almost 500 people who have been tortured to death by Taser devices, not counting the ones who have been wounded," Franklin said. "This is our way of showing our respect for those families and showing that someone really cares."
Kyev Tatum, president of the Tarrant County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, who helped create the memorial, said the Police Department makes the point that Tasers save lives, but the memorial shows that Tasers kill people.

"The memorial makes such a powerful statement," Tatum said.
I encourage villagers to visit the National Taser Memorial website and let them know your thoughts on their efforts. It appears that the church's neighbors aren't happy with the memorial.

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