August 8, 2010

Sunday Inspirations: Philura Williams

I grew up as a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles CA. My mom sang in the choir. My brother played the piano for the youth choir for many years. However, my lasting memory of music at Westminster revolved around one woman -- Philura Williams.

Her voice would soar into the balcony where I used to sit with the other young people of the church. I only knew Mrs. Williams from church. Her husband was an educator and her daughter was pretty cool. However, my lasting memory of Westminster's choir was the voice of Philura Williams.

She sang at my father's funeral. I've never heard a singing voice in person that is more beautiful over the full course of my half-century of living.

I encourage villagers of all ages, genders and creeds to close your eyes and enjoy the stylings of Philura Williams.

Mrs. Williams is a classically trained soprano.  She recently released a CD of 6 of her original songs and 3 popular hymns that she is often asked to sing.

You can check out her CD online or you can email her. Some of the proceeds from her CD sales go to I CAN FLY INTERNATIONAL which is a charity to meet needs of African girls.

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