August 6, 2010

Would You Use a Taser on a Pregant Woman? California Highway Patrol Says "Yessir" as They Electrocute Tanisha Black

Tanisha Black was seven months pregnant. I don't imagine that she ever thought that she would feel 50,000 volts of electricity being shot through her body. Tanisha learned a lesson that was already taught to Valreca Redden.

Tanisha Black of Union City and her 3-year old son were pulled over by a CHP officer. [SOURCE]
"He says I am pulling you over because you were on your cell phone," Black recalled
.But that wasn't all. Unbeknown to her she said her driver's license had been suspended because she missed a court appearance on traffic tickets. And so, Black said the officer told her, "I am going to tow the vehicle because your license is suspended as well and I need your keys."

Black and the CHP officer got into a discussion about what would happen to the car. She wanted to leave the car for a friend to pick up. The police officer planned to bring in a tow truck to take the car away.

Black said, "I wasn't being nasty, I wasn't being rude, I wanted answers. Why is it that I can't get anyone with a license to get my vehicle?"

But she said that officer didn't want to hear any more. "He said if you don't leave, get out of here with your son, then I am going to arrest you and he's going to go to Child protective Services," Black recalled.

Then Black said the other officer tried to grab her keys. "I had my phone, credit card, keys in one hand, Frappuccino in the other hand and I felt him touch my hand. Next thing I know he is trying to grab this hand with the Frappuccino and I am like this trying to juggle, you know, hold on. I don't need any confrontation, I am pregnant," she said.
In fact Tanisha Black was seven months pregnant. Black said next thing she knew, she felt a terrible pain through her body. The officer had shot her with a Taser and she fell to the ground.

"I just remember screaming 'Oh my God, oh my God, I am pregnant. You are Tasing me in my stomach. Are you really doing this to me over a suspended license?" Black recalled.
Adam Goldman saw it happen from his window side table inside Starbucks and said Black didn't look like a threat. As for the CHP officer, Goldman said, "He seemed pretty quick to use the Taser."

You can view video interview of Tanisha Black here.


A.S. Williams said...

All i can say is "WOW"

CCGroovy1!!! said...

UNBELIEVABLE, but; not unbelievable enough to not believe it... if you catch my drift!!!

RE-POST in 5...4...3...2...

Villager said...

A.S. Williams - It is tragic that some police officers feel that the lives of Black women are so disposable that they could do such a thing. I can't imagine that CHP officer doing the same thing to a pregnant white woman.

CCGroovy - I'm glad that you think that the information is worthwhile for your blog readers.

v2red said...

it used to be that black were such a threat to white people now it just doesnt matter anymore these days. this is the new terrorism threat in our own back yards thats going undetected & being justified.

Tanisha Black- Edwards said...

Hi, Im Tanisha black and i have been looking everywhere for the video of my interview and i can not find it anywhere. The news reporter that interviewed me no longer is employed with channel 5 something is wrong it just seems weired if anyone knows somthing i dont i would love to hear.

Villager said...

Merry Christmas Tanisha! First, would you let us know ... did everything turn out a'ight with the pregnancy?

re: Video. I see that the link I had to the video is no longer available. I looked around the Internet tonight and couldn't find it. I guess your best luck may be to contact the reporter who did the interview.

v2red said...

hello tanisha black. how is the baby? did you or the baby have any complications? my name is valreca redden. i was tasered when i was 7 mos pregnant. i would like to know can we talk.

Villager said...

All - Very cool that two Black women who were tasered while pregnant are seeking to make a connection via our blog! I hope that they did get in touch with one another...