October 1, 2010

Old School Friday * Heatwave

There is a great television series produced by TV-One called 'Unsung'. The episode this week focused on the group Heatwave. I have deep memories of Heatwave songs from my time in college. However, until I saw this show I never knew the background of the group. I knew the Heatwave logo ... but, never knew about the tragedy that followed the group.
  • the original six members came from five different countries
  • one member was shot and killed in Chicago
  • one member was stabbed by his girlfriend in London
  • the two lead singers were brothers
  • the founder of the group spent the last 25 years of his life as a quadriplegic
  • the organist in the group wrote majority of Heatwave songs and eventually left the group to become full-time songwriter. He wrote the top-selling song in music history -- Thriller, sung by Michael Jackson
I didn't know any of these factoids. All I knew is that Heatwave could bring the noise in a soulful, funky or upbeat (...y'all remember Boogie Nights!) manner. Here are two of my favorite Heatwave songs.

What is your favorite Heatwave memory?

1 comment:

Regina said...

LOL!! WOW, Wayne we must have kindred spirits! LOL!
Well in my defense, between daycare and school work my whole TV life (what little there is) is on DVR!! But ALL the things you listed are the same things that had me on the edge of my seat as well. I had no clue about any of that. Heatwave kept their info on lock down (maybe today's stars should take lessons and put the paparazzi out of business!).
My most memorable heatwave moment was a guy singing "Always & Forever" to me at a basement party, would have been lovely but he was dating my best friend at the time, smh - needless to say that broke up a good friendship, but the song and party were AWESOME!! I LOVE HEATWAVE!!!
*side note* I am so mad I missed the Tammi Terrel episode and it did NOT record! Ugh!!