October 18, 2010

What Should LeBron Do?

Have you seen the new Nike commercial featuring LeBron James? If not, check it out:

LeBron seems to be using this video to take some cheap shots at Michael Jordan (Hall of Fame speech fiasco) and Charles Barkley (donuts and role model clip). I figure that he's taking shots at others with the tattoo wiping vignette ... but, I don't know who.

Anyhow, I think that LeBron will figure out over time that the only thing he can do to improve his image is win a championship. Right now he is all talk with absolutely nothing to show for it. The best player in the game today is Kobe Bryant. LeBron can win as many MVP awards as he wants ... he can average a triple-double this year in Miami ... and it is all for naught if he can't lead a team to the NBA World Championship.

What should LeBron do? Win a championship.

Until then he should simply stop whining and just shut-up.


Anonymous said...

As I said on Facebook when a friend posted it: Dont get me started on people who need to get a life instead of getting mad at people who have no impact on their lives or who haven't committed any horrible acts against humanity. It ain't that deep.

I'm as big a sports fan as anyone but I just don't get the reaction to his decision or even his special announcing his decision. The vitriol isn't proportional to his act.

Unknown said...

Symphony - I respect your perspective and yet ... here is LeBron still seeking redemption from his 'Decision' mistake.

Personally, I don't begrudge him making a grown-man's decision to accept contract offer with Miami Heat. I just don't see why he needed to make it into a TV special ... and why he was so petty as to not inform the Cleveland Cavs in advance of the show.

At the end of the day LeBron is a great individual player who doesn't have the mindset or the heart to win a championship. He will get his ... but whatever team he plays on will inevitably fall short.

Anonymous said...

He did it because millions watched his special and though everyone is tired of him, the ad got 2 million hits in like 2 days.

True opposite of like is not hate but indifference. Folks aren't indifferent.

Unknown said...

Symphony - True dat! No indifference when it comes to BronBron. I had a buddy of mine here in Ohio tell me that everyone in Cleveland is loving the Boston Celtics.

1. Celtics beat Miami Heat in their first game.

2. Celtics lost to Cleveland Cavs in their second game.

Best of both worlds!

The same buddy is hoping that Miami finishes #1 seed and Cleveland finishes #8 seed so that they can meet in the playoffs.

Whatcha gonna do?! :)