October 2, 2010

Taser-Killer Cop Scott Nugent Goes on Trial in Louisiana

A cautionary tale for all taser-happy police officers is taking place in Winnfield, Louisiana. The manslaughter trial of Scott Nugent begins tomorrow. Readers of this blog may recall that Nugent was the officer who electrocuted 21-year old Barron Pikes back in January 2008. Nugent shocked the young man nine times ... the coroner indicates that the last two jolts of 50,000 volts occurred after Pikes was already dead.

If convicted of both charges, Nugent faces up to 45 years in prison
George Higgins, one of Nugent's attorneys, said Nugent "looks forward to the trial. ... He has always maintained his innocence and looks forward to having his side of the story finally told."
You can read more about the upcoming trial here.

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Wayne Hicks said...

Scott Nugent was set free by the folks in Louisiana. However, the Supreme Court said NOT SO FAST!