May 27, 2011

Apple Shows Its iRacist Underbelly to the Black Community

Soulclap to Your Black World for letting us know about the racist behavior of a white manager at a major Apple store in New York. It turns out that two Black men, Nile Charles and Brian Johnston went to the Apple store to purchase some headphones. The transaction should have been quick and simple.

Not so fast...

The manager of the store is an old white guy
. The manager allowed his racial prejudices to run wild in his mind ... and he felt comfortable enough within the Apple culture to let his mouth run wild. He approached the two African American customers and let them know that if they were not buying anything or speaking with a Mac specialist then they would need to leave the store.
And before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. I am discriminating against you.”
The two young men may not recall the Rodney King incident from back in the day ... but, they had the gumption to begin recording the racist nonsense being spewed by this Apple store manager on their cellphones. Their recording shows another Apple employee joining the discussion,
Now you have to go. If you want to know why, it’s because I said so. CONSIDER ME GOD. You have to go.”
The two young men left the store ... and went directly to their lawyer. They have brought a lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit is working its way through the New York judiciary. In the meantime, the folks at Apple may want to become acquainted with BDPA so that they can become exposed to Black people in some context outside of the courtroom!


Miriam said...

wow those racists were BOLD! Good for those young BM for keeping their cool and using their heads!!!

Regina said...

WOW! No words for this but I am glad they had the sense to go directly to a lawyer. apple will most likely settle the case.

Villager said...

Miriam & Regina - I continue to be amazed at the continued ignorance that lives within so many of us. You would think that in 2011 a manager of a major store would know better. I gotta believe that he's had some 'diversity' classes. I guess it's just arrogance combined with ignorance that causes people like him to talk as he did to these tow Black men.