May 21, 2011

Weekly Address: Reforming “No Child Left Behind” This Year

President Obama has been strong on reforming the educational system since he came to the White House. He put good people in place at the Department of Education and he made decision to go for excellence ... not just incremental changes ... but, a change in the mindset. I agree with him that our young people need powerful public education if they hope to compete in the future against young people from other places in the world.

Here is what the president had to say on education reform during his weekly address today:

I don't hear the 2012 presidential candidates from the Republican Party talking very much about education. The only thing they seem to say is that the budget needs to be balanced by eliminating the Department of Education. That seems like a losing strategy to me.

What do you see as the future for public education in America?


msladydeborah said...


No laws will imporove schools unless the people in the community get off of their behinds and become fully involved in the total process. This means that the school board should not be meeting without the presence of the community during those sessions. Parents need to go their child's school on a regular, I'm just checking in basis. Teachers need to be held accountable. We in return need to hold parents accountable as well. They are the first and forever teachers of their children.

Until people make it plain that they want and expect districts to provide educations that prepare and support children's learning, no policy is going to make it right.

Villager said...

Lady D - I appreciate your comments and hope that others will share their thoughts as well.

Your idea of spending more time actively engaged with local schools is important. It is harder to do than say. But, it may be the only way to ensure success for our students ... especially in urban areas where school success is fleeting.