May 2, 2011

Call Me "Mr. President"

Osama bin Laden is dead. Our president worked with his national security team to run down all the leads and tips until they found the right one. Our president then patiently waited until the time was right ... gave the approval ... and then waited for 40 highly-trained Navy Seals to take care of business. When the Navy Seals were done -- Osama bin Laden was dead.

Watching our president last night as he announced to the nation that the United States had caught and killed bin Laden was amazing.

Am I the only one who feels proud to have voted for our president in the 2008 election? He is the right man for the job. He quietly and persistently plans his work then works his plan. He showed us that he was a man who played 'chess' while his opponents played 'checkers'. Hilary Clinton learned that fact during the 2008 presidential election. The health care reform opponents learned that fact last year. Donald Trump learned that fact last week.

There are many folks who doubt his citizenship ... who doubt his religious veracity ... who doubt his college achievements. I wonder if those folks are regretting their loud-mouth complaints and recognize that Barack Hussein Obama has earned his place in the White House. I wonder if those folks will recognize him as their legitimate leader.

Perhaps it is time for them to call him by his name ... call him "Mr. President".


Daij said...

Love this blog entry. I've called him Mr President since day one, and will do so until the end of his second term. Yes, I said, second term!

Travis Cody said...

You are not alone. I am also proud to have voted for President Obama, and I'll do it again.

Villager said...

Daij & Travis - There is no substitute for COMPETENCE. That is something that right-wing wackos seem to forget.