May 8, 2011

What is Cuyahoga County Coroner Hiding in the Taser-Killing Case of Rodney Brown?

Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown, 40, was killed by Cleveland police officers when he lost his cool and tried to run after being stopped for a traffic violation back on New Year's Eve.

The coroner later ruled that the death was due to a heart attack and not as a result of the multiple taser shots fired at 50,000 volts each from the police into Brown's body.

Cleveland Police say they couldn't control Rodney Brown and that Brown pulled a knife. Police say that's when they shot tasers at Brown. A short time later, Brown died.

Attorney David Malik is exploring a civil suit for the family, saying Brown's body had 11 puncture marks from taser probes. Malik claims the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office has not released certain police records. [SOURCE]

What are the 'powers-that-be' hiding from us in this taser-related death?

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