July 29, 2012

31 Ways 31 Days to Support African American Businesses in 2012

Soulclap to John William Templeton for letting us know about National Black Business Month.   This is a data-driven initiative to channel the creative energy of 2 million African American entrepreneurs as a driver of the global economy. Visit Black Money Worldwide to learn more.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 1 Support the $6 billion African American food service industry. Buy grocery products; visit a restaurant; book a caterer; buy produce or meats from a farmer. Find restaurants, farm coops, manufacturers in Say Grace and Wipe Yo' Hands. Join 50 Top Names in Black Food at Schomburg Center in Harlem for the opening event of National Black Business Month. 
  • Thursday, Aug. 2  Invest in an African American publicly-traded company such as Amarantus BioSciences or American Shared Hospital Services
  • Friday, Aug. 3    Make an angel investment or use crowd-sourcing to support a start-up company.
  • Saturday, Aug. 4  Book seats at the African American theater company such as Chicago’s new Black Ensemble Theater 
  • Sunday, Aug. 5    Attend and contribute to the work of an African American church like Zion Global Ministries in West Chester, Ohio. 
  • Monday, Aug. 6   Contracting Accountability Day.  Ask your local and state officials to boost job creation by investing in, contracting with and financing African American community based businesses. 
  • Tuesday, Aug. 7   Spotlight on Uncle Sam Day.   Connect with purchasers at federal agencies in your area  to boost the 1.2 percent of purchases going to African American businesses.  Ask to see the small business contracting plans of major federal contractors
  • Wednesday, Aug. 8 Higher Education Focus.  Show support for HBCUs and ask other universities and colleges to utilize Black businesses and fund research by Black scientists and engineers.  Many research universities are near Black neighborhoods but contribute little to their progress.
  • Thursday, Aug. 9  Utility and Energy Focus. Invite utility companies to utilize local African American owned businesses, particularly renewable energy innovators like 510Nano or Excellatron Solid State. 
  • Friday, Aug. 10    School the Administrators.   Ask your school principals and school facility and purchasing officials about using more African American-owned firms. 
  • Saturday, Aug. 11 Visit one of the more than 100 African American museums such as the Charles Wright Museum in Detroit or the Schomburg Center in New York.  Support the national tour of the Kinsey Collection. 
  • Sunday, Aug. 12  Support an African American non-profit organization such as as BDPA Education and Technology Foundation, NAACP or the Urban League. 
  • Monday, Aug. 13 Open an account with an African American financial institution like New Orleans’ Liberty Bank and Trust or Mechanics and Farmers in North Carolina.  Find them at National Bankers Association 
  • Tuesday, Aug. 14 Utilize an African American contractor for building, remodeling, repair.  Visit the National Association of Minority Contractors. 
  • Wednesday, Aug. 15  Book a stay or an event with member hotels of the National Association of Black Hotel Owners Operators and Developers (NABHOOD). 
  • Thursday, Aug. 16 Make an appointment with members of the National Medical Association or National Dental Association 
  • Friday, Aug. 17    Connect with a member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers about housing opportunities 
  • Saturday, Aug. 18 Buy products from a Black-owned beauty products company,  support Black-owned beauty shops and barbers 
  • Sunday, Aug. 19   Use environmentally-friendly products by Black manufacturers such as ChloroFill, EnCap 
  • Monday, Aug. 20  Support African American beverage makers such as United Beverage Group or Heritage Link Brands. 
  • Tuesday, Aug. 21 Utilize African American software and online developers such as Sciberus, Next Galaxy Media, Right Direction Technology Solutions, DB Consulting, BCA, Logicore, or Powertek 
  • Wednesday, Aug. 22 Visit an African American bookstore like Marcus Books in San Francisco or purchase a book from a Black publisher; attend poetry reading or book signing at sites like Sankofa in Washington, D.C. 
  • Thursday, Aug. 23 Support Black radio broadcasters by letting their supporters, advertisers know that you listen to Black radio. 
  • Friday, Aug. 24   Subscribe to a Black-owned newspaper or magazine, like Cincinnati Herald. 
  • Saturday, Aug. 25 Purchase a video or buy a seat for the work of a Black filmmaker. 
  • Sunday, Aug. 26  Purchase gospel CDs or videos 
  • Monday, Aug. 27 Select an African American independent school or tutorial service for your child; use ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage to provide culturally-responsive content; select African American educators for professional development 
  • Tuesday, Aug. 28 Purchase back to school items from African American retailers including clothes, electronics, school suppliers or form buying clubs to gain reduced prices 
  • Wednesday, Aug. 29 Buy automobile from an African American dealer 
  • Thursday, Aug. 30 Invest with an African American securities dealer/fund manager/private equity broker. 
  • Friday, Aug. 31  Make a political contribution to the African American candidate or campaign fund of your choice.
Read moreAlso feel free to share ways that you are supporting this effort.

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