July 19, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan Fighting for His Life

I was stunned to learn that actor Michael Clarke Duncan almost died last week of a heart attack. He remains on a hospital respirator, however he is a strong and powerful man ... and he is in the prayers of the 'village'.

Many are crediting his girlfriend ... Omarosa ... the mad-as-a-hatter sister made famous by Donald Trump ... for saving his life.   She was with Duncan when the heart attack occurred and she gave him CPR until the medics arrived on the scene to rush him to the hospital.

I like Michael Clarke Duncan and respect him as an actor. If he sees something positive in Omarosa then I guess I'll cut her some slack.


Reggie said...

What's interesting is that although I was surprised to hear that he had a heart attack, I took the same tack as you in regards to his girlfriend. Maybe there is more to her than meets the eye.

Unknown said...

Reggie - I haven't heard anything about Mr. Duncan over the past week. I consider that a good sign...