July 22, 2012

Obama's Weekly Address: Remembering the Victims of the Aurora, Colorado Shooting

President Obama honors the victims of the tragedy in Colorado, those who knew and loved them, and those who are struggling to recover.

It is so good to have a president that makes me proud!


King Memorial Project of the Lehigh Valley said...

“Turned on the TV this morning. Had this shit on about — about livin’ in a violent world. Showed all these foreign places…where foreigners live, and all. Started thinkin’, man. Either they don’t know…don’t show…or don’t care about what’s goin’ on in the ‘hood. They had all this foreign shit. They didn’t have shit on my brother, man.” ~Doughboy (Ice Cube) Boyz N The Hood~

@EV..Field Negro; http://field-negro.blogspot.com/ pointed out Obama hasn't addressed the violence in his home town of Chicago (274 murders) as Arsineo Hall would say " Hmmmmm!!

Unknown said...

King Memorial Project - Excellent and appropriate quote from Doughboy. Thanx for sharing that as well as the reference to our blogging hero, The Field Negro!