July 13, 2012

Nominations Open for 2012 Black Weblog Awards

Did you know that nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 Black Weblog Awards?

Twenty-nine categories are returning to the Black Weblog Awards this year. Nine categories were retired. Nine were added. The largest number of new categories recognize outstanding achievement in video blogging.

Due to the large number of nominations in this category in 2011, the Best Fashion or Beauty blogging category was split into two separate categories. There is now a separate category for Best Fashion Blog and Best Beauty Blog. Best Culture Blog will now be called Best Fine Arts Blog. In some cases, categories which were spin offs of broader categories have been returned to their original category.  Blog of the Year will now be selected through a separate nomination process based on essay-based nominations.

Rules Review
The rules for every category are under review to establish more objective criteria to be applied to each nomination to determine whether a blog is qualified to compete in that particular category.

Returning Categories
  • Best Automotive or Car Blog 
  • Best Book or Author Blog 
  • Best Blog Post Series 
  • Best Business Blog  
  • Best Faith Based Blog 
  • Best Film Blog 
  • Best Food Blog
  • Best Gaming or Comics Blog 
  • Best Gossip Blog 
  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Health or Wellness Blog
  • Best Humor Blog
  • Best International Blog
  • Best LGBT Blog 
  • Best Micro Blog 
  • Best New Blog 
  • Best Personal Blog 
  • Best Photography in a Blog  
  • Best Plus Sized Fashion 
  • Best Podcast 
  • Best Parenting Blog
  • Best Political or News Blog 
  • Best Science or Technology Blog
  • Best Sports Blog
  • Best Sex or Relationship Blog 
  • Best Teen Blog 
  • Best Travel Blog 
  • Best Video Blog 
  • Best Writing in a Blog
New Categories 
  • Best Beauty Blog 
  • Best Comedy Video Blog
  • Best DIY, Home Improvement, Interior Design Blog
  • Best Entertainment Video Blog
  • Best Fashion Blog
  • Best Fine Arts Blog 
  • Best How to & Style Video Blog
  • Best Original Graphic Design in a Blog 
  • Best Science & Technology Video Blog 
Retired for 2012 
  • Best Blog Design (Replaced with “Best Original Graphic Design in a Blog”.)
  • Best Fashion or Beauty Blog (Split into “Best Fashion Blog” and “Best Beauty Blog”.) 
  • Best Culture Blog (Now “Best Fine Arts Blog”.) 
  • Best Hip Hop Blog (Moved back into ”Best Music Blog”.)  
  • Blog Of The Year (Moved to a separate selection process.)  
  • Blog to Watch (Moved to a separate selection process.) 
  • Best Green Nature or Outdoor Living Blog (Introduced in 2011. Small nomination pool in 2011.)
  • Best Blog Network  (Small nomination pool in 2011.) 
  • Best Lifestyle Blog (Subsumed in Fashion, Design, Fine Arts categories.)
I encourage all our our blog readers to take a moment and support this Black Weblog Award process by making your own nomination. Goes without saying that we hope you will consider nominating this blog!

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