January 29, 2013

$2 Million Dollar Settlement in Taser-Killing of Everette Howard Jr.

The family of Everette Howard Jr. has settled its claims with the University of Cincinnati and UC police officer Richard Haas. Howard was electrocuted-to-death on the UC campus` on August 6, 2011. After his death, the UC police withdrew all of their Tasers from service.

Three of the elements in the settlement include:
  1. Compensation. The University will pay two million dollars plus provide an undergraduate education free of tuition and instructional fees for the two siblings of Everette Jr.
  2. Taser Policy. Before Tasers are reissued to officers in the UC Police Department, the public and the Howard family will be notified and UC will receive suggestions from them on Taster training and use.
  3. Memorial. UC will install a memorial bench and plaque at the site where Everette Howard Jr. died.
The settlement was made as part of mediation process between the family and the University. I'm glad that tasers have been taken off the hips of University police officers. The fact that they killed this *UNARMED* teenager is reason enough for a change.

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