January 2, 2013

Taser Lawsuit: Douglas Boucher vs. City of Mason (Ohio)

Mason (OH) police officers Daniel Fry and Sean McCormick are being sued by the family of the 39-year old man they killed in December 2009. The family's lawsuit claims the officers tased their son, Douglas Boucher a total of six times in less than a minute and hit him and kicked him after he was down. Boucher was in a gas station market acting like a jerk with the female cashier. Being a jerk isn't usually punishable by death.

The City of Mason disagrees. They filed a motion to have the family's lawsuit ... currently scheduled for February 19, 2013 ... dismissed.

This blog is more than a little interested in this particular lawsuit and taser-related killing ... the gas station where it all took place is less than a mile from my local public library!

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