January 25, 2013

GOP Carpetbagger Artur Davis Considers Bid for Virginia State Senate

Artur Davis is truly a lost soul. In 2008 he was a Democratic congressman from Alabama who fully supported the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. Davis tried to parlay his political publicity at the time into a campaign to become the governor of Alabama. He was beaten in the Democratic primary. That pissed him off ... so he decided to switch parties and move to Virginia. As a Virginia republican he became one of the few African Americans to support the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney.

It seems that Davis is now lost and confused. He must not have the will to hold down a job in the private sector. Instead he is exploring another run for political office. This time he wants to be a Republican in either the Virginia state legislature or a republican candidate for congress from some community in Virginia. He currently lives in a heavily-Democratic district ... so he is willing to move his family to another district that is gerrymandered in favor of Republicans.

Isn't that the description of a Civil War carpetbagger? Artur Davis has not shown himself to be a good politician. He is simply a publicity-whore and I can't believe that the voters of Virginia would reward his carpetbagging ways. What is your take on the Artur Davis story?

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