January 31, 2013

President Obama's Uncle May be Deported to Kenya After 50 Years in America

I think that President Obama's uncle may be in some hot water this time. Turns out that he was ordered to go back to Kenya many years ago ... but, he never did. Onyango Obama has been in America as an undocumented worker for 50 years ... but, he has a court date set for later this year to determine whether or not he should be deported.

Obama manages a liquor store and came to America in 1963 to attend an school at Cambridge. Immigration documents show that Obama was first ordered to leave in 1986, and again in 1989. Somehow Obama slipped through the cracks all those years, but given his high profile nephew, it is doubtful that that will happen again.

You wonder why they couldn't get a better picture of the dude for this article?!


Renee said...

They choose that horrible picture on purpose. I think that he should be allowed to stay. The man has been in the country for years and has not committed a crime and has been gainfully employed. What more do they need? I fear that they are going to make an example out of him though.

Reggie said...

50 years is a very long time.

Daij said...

A very long time.

Unknown said...

In a general sense, rampant immigration- both legal and illegal- is very harmful for the black community. African-American "leaders" are disconnected from the reality on the ground. Latino illegal aliens are displacing blacks. Blacks now face severe discrimination and racism from Latinos- esp. in southern California. If you want the black community to thrive or even just survive, , you should be deadset against any form of amnesty for those who break into the nation to economically compete with US citizens for precious jobs.

Tell your elected officials that they should do whats best for citizens, and not do whats best for trespassers.

Unknown said...

Illegal immigration is killing the black community. Blacks face new discrimination and racism from latinos who are now displacing blacks all over America. Compton California use to be a black city, until the latino invaders chased, lynched, or burned most of us out. In southern California, there are race riots every day inside the high schools. This is a level of crime against blacks that we would not tolerate as a nation if it was white on black, but since its Latinos against black, the media ignores it.

Tell your elected officials to NOT support any amnesty for the trespassers who come here to economically compete with citizens for precious jobs.

Unknown said...

Personally, I believe the ICE has gone overboard although the US have a right to act in self-interest.

I am disabled veteran of the US Army and yet I was deported to Jamaica on a resisting arrest without violence charge.

So who knows who next they might deport. For sure, a US citizen cannot be deported. Nonetheless, they just do this to show up Obama who is trying.

Unknown said...

Renee - Yeah, I wish I could have found a more flattering photo for this blog post.

Reggie / Daij - 50 years is a long time. You wonder that he couldn't get his citizenship issues fixed earlier ... especially in light of his relationship to the president.

Joe - I don't agree. I don't see that comprehensive immigration reform would be something bad for the Black community. The current treatment of undocumented workers is wrong on a number of levels.

Charlie - The whole issue of protecting our borders is a sticky wicket. Thank you for your service to our nation. I hope that you were able to work out your immigration status after the deportation ... although, I gotta say that Jamaica is a beautiful place to go if you have to go somewhere!

Unknown said...

All - Anyone know how this turned out? Did he get deported?