January 27, 2013

Obama's Weekly Address: Two Nominees Who Will Fight for the American People

President Obama nominated Mary Jo White for head of the Securities and Exchange Commission and called for Richard Cordray to continue as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Both can play pivotal roles in the financial sector as White will be asked to keep Wall Street and banks accountable, while Cordray will oversee the laws that protect everyday Americans.
These are people with proven track records,” said President Obama. “They are going to look out for the American people, for American consumers, and make sure that our marketplace works better -- more transparently, more efficiently, more effectively.”

I'm very glad to see that our president is re-doubling his efforts to implement his vision during his second term. Don't you agree?

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Regina Tillman said...

Protecting the public is a legacy that Obama could well establish for himself... for clearly, there are very few on the Hill now that are looking out for OUR best interests. Rather, they look after their own individual interests and that of their major campaign contributers...which is not what the democracy as we were taught in school, nor that is being promoted around the globe, is about. But, then again, WE have to begin doing a better job ourselves of raising our collect voices for what we want and need and expect.