January 27, 2008

Barack Obama Victory Speech in South Carolina

JFK's daughter sez she has found a president like her father. Villagers, what say u?


Dblog said...

One thing is that am not an American but am so pro Obama that I feel like am already voting for him in my heart. We don't need presidents, we need visionaries, bold dreamers and wild eagles.

Obama is dream come true.

Kat said...

I heard Obama live last night and could hardly stop cheering!

As for Caroline Kennedy's endorsement, I remember the age of JFK (yep, I'm THAT old) and the feeling in the country now is very much like back then. I am happy that she can finally feel the magic!!

Peace, Kat

Creating Tomorrow said...

I have been following this race closely, and felt my spine tingle when the news of Caroline Kennedy's endorsement came in. This is so exciting for the Obama because it seems to confirm that he is the candidate of hope.

Just like corporation, a country need a LEADER with a VISION at the forefront, not just another manager who get "bumped up" due to seniority or a feeling entitlement.

Keeping my fingers crossed that others in the country will recognize this and be willing to dream - and work - together!

Villager said...

dblog - If you don't mind sharing ... what country are you from? I'm always interested to see how American politics and politicians are portrayed in other countries.

Kat - I felt tremendous pride when I listened to Obama. He is a leader. Afterwards I watched part of the speeches from Team Clinton and John Edwards. They are good people ... but, they are yesterday's news. They simply do not inspire you to do and beleive that positive change is possible.

Creating Tomorrow - I had that same spine tingle when I heard his speech. I must admit that I got a little teary-eyed when I heard his Iowa victory speech and I managed to keep dry eyed this time (smile). I think that Team Clinton now realize that they won't be handed the crown as an entitlement. I think that America is going to choose the future and not the past.

MsMarvalus said...

This is my first time viewing Sen. Obama's acceptance speech (couldn't find it last night) and as usual, it is outstanding!

Villager said...

Ms. Marvelous - I'm glad that our village was useful to you! Hope you come back often my sista...

Anonymous said...

Caroline Kennedy eloquently put what I've said for a while about candidates, particularly with the Democrats.

The plans are about the same (no candidate will get what they want 100%, there is give and take so the differences now won't even matter later) so there must be something more to determine our choices.

Things like character, morals and ethics matter. So does integrity. Most times I find myself wodering if my president is telling the truth. I don't mean not telling everything, I mean lying.

National service and volunteerism should be a platform. People should feel compelled to serve this country/our communities in some way.

Caroline Kennedy's father is associated with the most notable quote regarding service to our nation.

Two candidates talk about it-Obama and McCain.

Americans should not look for others (whether polticians, leaders or neighbors) to do something. Every little bit counts.

Anonymous said...
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Woozie said...

Oh my god, that crafty Negro did it again. If he mixed speeches on the issues with that same inspirational zeal, he'd have this election all but locked up in my opinion.

msladydeborah said...

This speech was dynamic! He is truly a great orator! I was like kat..jumping up and down...applauding and shouting while he spoke. I especially loved how he fired back on Billary! He made them look very small and petty.

Caroline Kennedy really surprised me. Usually you do not hear a lot about her direct involvement in political matters. She really pays Barack some very major compliments in her statements.

Caroline's endorsement is also going to slap Billary in their political butts.

Villager said...

Symphony - One of the aspects of the education platform from Obama is that he offers a $4,000 tax credit for any young person that agrees to federal service for a period of time. That seems to fit your desire for more volunteerism and federal service ideals...sorta like the Peace Corps back in JFK days.

Woozie - What are the top one or two issues that you want to see Obama talk about in this election?

Lady D - Yeah, it felt good...

Anonymous said...

Villager, there is also AmeriCorps, the program of national service begun by President Bill Clinton. From 1994-2001, more than 200,000 Americans served one-to-two-year stints in AmeriCorps, tutoring school children, building low-income housing, or helping flood-ravaged communities.

AmeriCorps members receive a small stipend and $4,725 in college aid for their service.

I dont know the numbers and amounts now. http://americorps.org/

But programs like this will get you more bang for your buck that other ways.

Martin Lindsey. said...

Great speech. I wish I had been watching it live.

Also, I'm impressed that Caroline Kennedy is impressed.

I pretty much copied your post as my latest. It was short and spoke for itself.

Villager said...

Symphony - AmeriCorps was (and is) a great program implemented by Bill Clinton. The idea of tying it, or something similiar, to education tax credits to help young people afford college education seems like a good idea as well.

Marty - Glad that we could be of assistance! I've watched you convert to your own domain. I think I'll need to do so later this calendar year.

Mo said...

Villager, thanks for posting the SC victory speech. I'll admit I fell asleep in my chair while waiting for it and hadn't seen it elsewhere.
He certainly is a dynamic speaker. He reminds me of both Kennedy and Martin Luther King, JR - with a touch of Jesse Jackson. I've only seen Jesse Jackson speak live, but it was captivating.
Thanks for sharing this video. I must admit I need to do more research on Obama, because I have been up to now an Edwards supporter. However, I do love Barack Obama's message of CHANGE.

Villager said...

Mo - I'm glad that you found useful video and information here in our village. I hope you come back often ... and I hope you got some real-world customers in your shop today!