January 20, 2008

TaylorMade Forces Golfweek to Fire Noose Editor

The fall-out continues from Kelly Tilghman's poorly chosen words. Her ignorant comments resulted in a cover story for the January 19 issue of Golfweek magazine. Editor Dave Seanor made the decision to put a picture of a noose on the cover of the weekly magazine.

Even more remarkable is the revelation that Seanor considered adding photo of Tilghman's head inside of the noose!

Drumbeats from Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels provide the inside story. Seanor was fired from his job on Goldweek magazine after TaylorMade, the giant golf manufacturer and one of Golfweek’s biggest advertisers, told magazine executives it would yank its $1.5 million advertising from the publication.

Villagers, this is an example of working through corporate sponsors to influence the editorial decision-making of media outlets. Golfweek caved to their sponsor/advertiser. Don't we think that BET and others that push nonsense into our homes would cave in as well?

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