April 13, 2008

Traveling in Darfur: Six-Week Travelogue

Many Villagers simply don't know very much about Darfur. As such, we may think that we cannot make a difference in stopping the genocide taking place in that part of the world. One way we can move forward in a positive manner is to simply learn more about the conflict. The Res Publica Team that runs Darfurgenocide.org conducted a six-week trip to Darfur and the surrounding areas. This travelogue describes their encounters with the Darfuri people, political leaders as well as the Sudanese Liberation Army.

I encourage all Villager to take a moment to download the report and recommendations being made by the Res Publica Team. More importantly, I hope you will take some time to click on the links below to follow the summary and photos of their six week journey:

Villagers, this post is part of In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur called by Modern Musings and supported by A Political Season, Black and Missing But Not Forgotten, BlackPerspective.net, Black Women Vote, CEO Mum, Darfur: An Unforgivable Hell on Earth, Eddie G. Griffin, Electronic Village, Musings of the Night, My African Diaspora, Regina's Family Seasons, Slant Truth, Take Political Action, The Jose Vilson, Trav’s Thoughts, UltraViolet Underground, Vanessa Unplugged, What About Our Daughters and others.

Villagers, what is your take on the situation in Darfur? More importantly, what steps do you advocate for us to end the genocide in that part of the world?


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

While searching through the documents you listed, I found this tidbit:

"Core issues that drive the conflict, among them land tenure and use, including grazing rights,"

Do others agree that these are "core issues that drive the conflict"? What are the others?

Could the conflict possibly be as violent and lethal as it is without arms and other support provided by others, by outside forces?

Is grazing cattle or other animals the most productive use of land to feed a hungry country?

Might socialist land-use principles help to resolve these problems, if they could be implemented without international meddling?

I'm one of those people who admittedly knows little about Darfur. But, I've published an excerpt from your post and a link to this article at my blog, so that perhaps we can all learn more together.

Danielle said...

We have 25 blogs participating today largely thanks to the promotion that you have done!

The conflict between farmers and ranchers is as ancient as the technologies, but I find it really hard to believe that this is a core issue behind the genocide in Darfur.

From what I read the Darfur region is becoming desertified. The Sahara desert is overtaking the land. The victims are mainly non-Arab muslims while the murderers are Arab Muslims.

Since the Sudanese government is funded 80% by China plays such a large role in the murder oil resources are a core issue.

The genocide in Darfur is not a black|white issue but a humanitarian issue.

In light and love


Villager said...

Francis and Danielle - Thank you both for supporting In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur. Francis, I don't know the answer to your question about core issues. Hopefully, we will all learn more today...