April 19, 2008

Will Foxy Brown Check Out HousePlansAndMore.com On Her Release From Prison?

I see that Foxy Brown was freed from prison this week. She served 40-days of her sentence in solitary confinement. She had plenty of time to dream of her dream home. Now that she is out in the free world, she might want to check out some pre-drawn home plans.

While it can take an architect months to complete a custom ranch style house plan, HousePlansAndMore.com (a subsidiary of HDA, Inc.) has plans available on their new website that a customer can purchase and obtain a building permit for within a matter of days. In addition to time saved, custom drawings may cost up to 10 times more than a comparable stock home plan. These plans are created to include the most sought after home features, and with thousands to choose from, it is easy to find a home design with all of the amenities desired.

MC Hammer ain't building no mansions anymore! He can tell you that a common theme among anyone deciding to build a home is value. Obtaining the American Dream is a huge investment, possibly the biggest of most people's lifetime. Therefore, when making the decision to build, it is wise to investigate all possible avenues, including the world of pre-drawn home plans or "stock plans." HDA, a premier home plan company, offers thousands of best-selling home designs available at everyone's fingertips on its newly redesigned website.

HDA features more than 15,000 home plans available for purchase on their Web site, from small cottage house plans to log house plans. With that sheer volume, one might feel a bit overwhelmed to begin their search. But with user-friendly search features, including searching by home style, size and estimated cost-to-build, the task becomes a breeze. The site also offers a Photo Gallery, allowing a virtual tour of many homes built from HDA's pre-drawn plans.

For more information or to view the countless pre-drawn home plans they offer, Foxy Brown, MC Hammer or you should contact HDA by phone (314.770-2222) or their online website.

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