April 12, 2008

3GB Community and Vivica Fox Sex Tape

At some point you would think that there would be one too many social community networks out on the Internet. It is one thing to spot Vivica Fox drunk and having sex while her buddy films it on a cellphone ... but, wouldn't it be great if we could find that same entertainment on an Internet community site? If so, I imagine we would want a community site with something unique. Perhaps one that was first rate, offered ease of use, the ability to upload photo albums, chat with friends and maybe even enter the blog community.

I'm not certain that Vivica Fox is there yet ... but, it seems to me that the 3GB Community offers a good value for anyone seeking a new online social network. Another benefit of the 3GB Community is that is offers the ability to listen to the latest mp3 hits. Joining is free. If you don't find Vivica ... you can look me up. I signed up as Villager earlier today.

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1 comment:

That Girl Boo said...

she is one of my favorite actresses, I'm totally heart broken