April 6, 2008

No Indictment for Police Officer Kevin McKoon in Shooting of David Willis

Many villagers will recall the case of a young father in Savannah, SC who was gunned down by a police officer while his pregnant girlfriend and 5-month old child were in the car. The circumstances looked suspicious at the time of the police shooting. It has taken eight (8) months, but, the investigation into the shooting is now complete. Officer Kevin McKoon has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of David Willis.

Willis had drugs in his system and his actions behind the wheel of his car that night placed McKoon in a position to reasonably fear for his life. Therefore, the grand jury decided that McKoon's use of deadly force ... two shots through the car windshield that killed Willis ... were justified. [SOURCE]

The family is not happy with the grand jury decision.

Unless you are heading directly to a pre-arranged booty-call ... there ain't nothin' good for any brother or sister out on the streets at 3:00 in the morning.


MrsGrapevine said...

I don't know enough about the case. I will have to read more to figure it out.

Villager said...

Mrs. Grapevine - I have a number of stories that we discussed at some point in 2007 that I'm trying to get closure on. In this case, I actually made a phone call to Savannah news reporter to get update last month. It turns out everyone was waiting for this grand jury decision to be made. The cop involved in the shooting is experiencing karma. He was recently robbed of his personal stuff, including a gun collection. Also, his girlfriend's place burned down...

Stop the Crime said...

I was originally interested in the Patrolman Mckoon case where David Willis was fatally wounded by an officer but I must say I am now getting so sick and tired of hearing the excuses. We complain about crime in our community but citizens of Savannah need to be accountable for their actions!
Perhaps we should look at the reality and understand that there are people in this world who make bad choices and in the end-surprise!- get bad results.
So let’s review for a moment…
1. Mr. Willis had ecstasy in his system-
2. He chose a tough crowd to run with-linked to the murder of Mr. Patel (the sister of his girlfriend was later charged in the murder and Willis was linked as a suspect to that murder and other crimes 16 times and he was arrested 3 times!)
3. He chose to put his 5 month old daughter in the car and cruise around at 3 a.m. (my opinion: that baby should be tucked into a warm, snuggly crib and should never have to go through this trauma)
4.He did not stop for pothe police 2x!
5.He ran from the police with a baby and girlfriend (whom he previously assaulted) in the car and according to the GBI almost ran over the Patrolman.

The Officer’s life was threatened when Mr. Willis made another choice-he did not stop and instead chose to attempt to run. If we could do a “do-over” it would be ideal. If we could take David through the steps of his life and say X will happen if you do Y but unfortunately, that is not the case.
Mr. Willis who put himself and others at risk due to his actions died. Yes, it is sad that David died, but it is also tragic that this Officer has to live with this for the rest of his life. Because of the choices David Willis, David Willis alone, made he is no longer here to be a part of his child’s life
My 5 Quick Tips:
1. Do not take drugs.
2. Remember, the friends you choose to roll with may define your destiny.
3. Babies need affectionate, caring parents who will do anything to keep them out of harm’s way
4. If you see blue lights, pull over. It is not game and you are not the utmost gangster.
5. Make good choices and get an education-it can only help you.

Villager said...

Stop The Crime - I agree 100% with your analysis of the situation re: David Willis and the Savannah police officer that shot him...

Stop the Crime said...

Thank you fellow villager. We need to promote education to stop this cycle. Parents, you need to educate yourselves and your children, do whatever it takes to keep yopur children safe, and finally, teach personal resonsibility.