August 26, 2007

Nothing Good Happens After 3:00 AM

It is rough to be a Blackman in Georgia. Michael Vick. Genarlow Wilson. Ron Pettaway. Turns out that DeKalb County (GA) police had a dozen fatal shootings in 2006 and Atlanta officers shot an elderly woman to death during a botched police raid on her home. It seems that the police in that state don't understand the concept of positive community-police relations.

It happened again a few days ago. A 22 year old Savannah man was shot and killed by a police officer. Savannah Chatham Police said Patrolman Kevin McKoon shot David Willis early Saturday morning when Willis tried to run him over during a traffic stop. Family members and witnesses dispute that claim, saying it was impossible for Willis' sedan to move at the time because it was blocked by other vehicles.

My understanding is that Willis' 5-month-old daughter, Davasha, was in the car at the time of the shooting. How this police officer could feel threatened while a 5-month old baby was in the car is beyond imagination.

Willis's mother said she had to learn what happened to her son from his friends. Now, she's demanding answers. "I would love to see the man who shot down my child and ask him, why?" she said. "Give me some answers. Why did he shoot him? Why I couldn't see my child? Why I couldn't touch my child?"

Willis said she should have learned what happened from police, not her son's friends once they were released from police questioning. The family said they had to call police themselves, then wait for someone to speak with them.

"I'm angry and I want some answers," said Cynthia Willis.

Savannah Chatham Police are calling the shooting, "unfortunate, but lawful." Patrolman Kevin McKoon is on paid leave, which is standard police procedure, while detectives, the George Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney's office investigate.

"They place no value on Black life," said Yusef Shabazz, who led a vigil of 200 community supporters, as he referred to white people and police. When a white life is taken on the streets," he said, the public is outraged. "When a Black life is taken, there are no tears."

I understand that Rev. Sharpton will be in Savannah on Thursday evening at a rally being called by a local church in support of the Willis family.

Villagers, here is an observation that I can share with you. Nothing good can happen for a brother out in the streets after 3:00 am. If you haven't found your companion for the evening by closing time ... then just go home alone.
Brothers ... just go home! Start a blog! Do something to keep from ruining (or losing) your life.


Malcolm: said...

Thanks for dropping me a line at The Blog Catalog. It pisses me off when a black person's life is deemed less worthy than a white's.

mslatinarenee said...

As always, I appreciate your updates.

Please don't forget about informing the readers,
if you'd like to create a blog on the site.

Villager said...

Malcolm - Too often it is someone within our own community that disrespects us ... the level of crime and violence that we do within our own race is shameful. Anyhow, thank you for taking time to visit us in the Electronic Village.

Ms. Renee - I wasn't aware of the option. Thank you for sharing it with me. Have you considered becoming part of The AfroSpear?

peace, Villager

ebele said...

I don't think the time has much to do with it. Probably just coincidences. And if 3am proves to be a link, so what? Fear, ignorance, stereohype are much bigger factors at play here as you know. People with an agenda are gonna do what they're gonna do without checking to see what the time is. There's no police officer out there thinking 'I was gonna shoot this guy for no reason at all, but dang, it's 2.30am'.

However, I do see your point.

We just need our brothers to stop getting killed whatever the time is. Period.

Villager said...

Ebele - Asante sana! We appreciate your voice and your visit to our village. I hope you find reason to come back often!

peace, Villager

BlogXilla said...

Hey, how are you? I lived in GA for the pass 2 years before moving to charlotte and i must say the cops will shoot you quick, don't blink, don't put your hands in your pocket or nothing. They ran in someones home in my apt complex and shot dude b/c he was holding a sneaker. I got cool w/ his girlfriend... it was a mess and yes it was after 3am but he was home. damn shame.