August 20, 2007

Jena 6: Blogging for Justice

The AfroSpear is sponsoring a 'Day of Blogging for Justice' for any blogger interested in posting about the criminal just-us system of Jena, LA. Click here to get background on the Jena 6 situation.

The AfroSpear seeks action-oriented bloggers to adopt the media strategy initiated by and others. We need to raise the national consciousness about this event because of the social, political and legal relevance for people of African descent in this country. A press release is going out to the national media asking them to pick up on this story. We’re hoping the 'Day Of Blogging For Justice' can serve as a catalyst to support the end of the injustices being forced on these six students in Jena, LA.

Mychal Bell's bond-reduction hearing on Friday failed. His bond was not reduced. His parents cannot afford the current bond, therefore, the young man sits in prison while his appeal is going through the system. He needs our personal show of support to keep his spirits high. Please take a moment to send him a postcard or a letter. It can make all the difference in the world to know that you're not alone. Mychal Bell needs to know that he isn't alone.

Checkout for other news, information and resources.


Yobachi said...

Villager how much is his bail? I didn't see it in the article.

I have a new post today confirming the 30th as the "Day of Blogging for Justice". It also has a link to the page listing all those who've signed on to participate.

And check you email. The bdpa account.

Villager said...

Yobachhi - His bail was set at $90,000.

peace, Villager

Clement Nthambazale Nyirenda. said...

Sad to see these things take place in USA where the powers that be claim that they uphold justice!

I pray for these brothers of mine. May the Grace of God abound upon them

Villager said...

Clement - Prayer is a powerful thing. It is also something that all of us can do!

peace, Villager