August 17, 2007

Fox News Debate Fades to Black

Village drumbeats from the African American Political Pundit tell us that Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus decided to cancel the Sept. 23 Democratic presidential debate in Detroit. The campaigns of U.S. Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards had said they would not participate in the debate. The AfroSpear, Color-of-Change and other criticized Fox as biased against Democrats.

The debate was to have been held in the D Spot's Fox Theatre.

Institute chairman U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said:

"The overwhelming number of party presidential debates has created a scheduling challenge. Revisiting the CBC Institute's debate schedule will allow the time necessary to complete all debate logistics in an effective manner," he said. The group had said it planned to sponsor two Democratic and two Republican presidential debates."

[Villager note to Bennie for consideration in future statements on this topic. Bennie, think back to when we were kids and you were in this type of situation. You can reduce your statement to a single word:



Huma B~ Post said...

As someone who has worked in MANY campaigns, I think it is the best move, I am not sure the response was executed the way it should have been! I think it sends a powerful message! I think anyone who saw the film "Outfoxed Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism," would understand why Democrats know they won't get a fair chance on the "fair and balanced" cable network Fox! Nopw Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal, it will be interesting to see if the editorializing in that papers changes tone! Take care and great post!

African American Political Pundit said...


Great Post. Thanks for the link! Yeah, the CBC and FOX tried to gracefully get out of it. the writing was on the wall. I'm surprised more African American bloggers didn't pick up on it the way you have. Great post! See what happens when the village gets motivated to speak out!

Villager said...

Huma-B & AAPundit - Thank you both for the kind words. I am glad that Fox will not be broadcasting this Democratic debate.

peace, Villager