August 28, 2007

President Bush, Why Are We in Iraq?

President Bush, didn't you tell us already that we won this war? 'Mission accomplished', you said on that battleship. Why are we still in this dayum war if the mission was accomplished? Did you lie to us again?

Villagers, did you see that our commander-in-chief feels that 'we are kicking ass' in Iraq. Does anyone else think that our commander-in-chief is unable to give an honest assessment of this war on terror?

I have not used this blog to talk about the war in Iraq very much. I don't have any immediate relatives in the military. As such, my engagement in this war is at a different level than many others. However, I must say that the commander-in-chief has truly phuqed this war up in my view. He lied to us when he and his team, including Colin and Condi, told us that mushroom clouds would flow if US troops didn't invade Iraq. Of course, there were no WMDs. Just another bald-faced lie from our commander-in-chief.

We get into this thing and run through the Iraqi army; capture Saddam in a ditch; and have him executed. The Iraqis are cheering. Statues are tumbling. That is when we should have left the country. That would have been 'mission accomplished'. That would have been a proud legacy for W and his cronies.

But, our commander-in-chief couldn't leave well enough alone. Instead he allowed Cheney, Halliburton and other corporate interests to blind him to the obvious. Now, our country is in the middle of a civil war with no winning end game. Bush told us on national television in January,

"So I've committed more than 20,000 additional American troops to Iraq. The vast majority of them -- five brigades -- will be deployed to Baghdad. These troops will work alongside Iraqi units and be embedded in their formations. Our troops will have a well-defined mission: to help Iraqis clear and secure neighborhoods, to help them protect the local population, and to help ensure that the Iraqi forces left behind are capable of providing the security that Baghdad needs."
Almost 4,000 Americans have been killed. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed. The 2006 elections in November 2006 clearly called for the end of Bush's war. Bush told us in January that he wanted this surge. In June, Bush said he wanted everyone to be patient until a military report could be issued in September 2007. Now we are told that we need to wait until next summer.

Today, we had the top U.S. general in Iraq, David Petraeus, sharing his plans for withdrawal of 30,000 troops by next summer, drawing praise from the White House but a chilly reception from anti-war Democrats. Gen. David Petraeus said a 2,000-member Marine unit would return home this month without replacement in the first sizable cut since a 2003 U.S-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein and unleashed sectarian violence.

Villagers, I am still trying to figure out why we insist on staying in Iraq. We have over 169,000 troops in that country right now. Why? Five years from now the country will be run by our enemy ... not the current democratically-elected government. Everyone seems to agree that the current Iraq prime minister is not strong enough to survive as anything more than Bush's puppet ... propped up by 169k American troops. Can any villager tell me why we are still in this unnecessary war?

Anyhow, villagers, I can tell you what victory in Iraq looks like. It is photos with children walking down the street going to school. It is photos with businesses selling groceries, gasoline and other basic necessities of life. It is photos without bombed out cars on every block and children running around with rifles.

Victory in this war on terror is even simpler. I will know we are winning the war on terror when Osama bin Laden is doing a perp-walk into a jail cell.

Our commander-in-chief is simply an embarrassment. I can hardly wait until Obama or Clinton or Edwards can get into the White House to bring honor back to our nation.

Villagers, how about you? What are your thoughts on the General Padreus report given today? What is your thoughts on our commander-in-chief?


James Seay said...

As an veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I have a LOT to say about the current conflict. There are numerous different things I could say about the conflict; numerous lives lost (on both sides), sketchy reasons at best to invade (and occupy) the country, no "mission" for the troops. This is a very sticky quagmire. I doubt the White House knew what they were getting into prior to invading the country, know that we are their, what is the plan?

I believe the "American" thought process thought was that we could go into a country, kick ass and take names, and be done. Obviously, it is much more difficult to occupy a country AND impose your will. A lot more difficult than we could have imagined (remember the Algiers).

Bush is in the proverbial catch 22. Hopefully his exit from office will provide some type of solution.

As for the number of troops being withdrawn or added, it is all publicity stunts to "swing" public opinion, really does it matter?

Villager said...

James - First and foremost, please accept the gratitude of the Electronic Village for your service to our country.

Your insights on the Iraq war are very much appreciated. I think you are on target with your assessmet of Bush ... I can give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he just didn't know. He isn't the brightest bulb in the room.

peace, Villager

Sparky Duck said...

Do not get me even started on the village idiot that I in charge. 6 years of errrr, no, I havent eaten dinner yet, I will stop.

Its great that some of teh troops will be coming home sooner rather then later, just don't make it a victory sign.

Villager said...

Sparky Duck Actually, we want you to get started! (smile). Seriously, I hope you will share your thoughts on this matter. Why are we in Iraq? How does it make us safer here in America?

peace, Villager

meeyauw said...

well folks, that was all short-lived wishful thinking. I just watched him speak. Bragging of how many humans we are killing. And how we will be there for . . gee, how long? Forever?

Just goes to show how we can lose sight of reality when we wish for peace. Can we wait till he leaves office? How many people can die between now and then??

Villager said...

Meeyauw - It surprised me that Bush was so cavalier about the lives he was killing each month ... and he appears to have little concern for the 60 Americans killed each month in Iraq. And he simply didn't give a good reason for us to be in Iraq.

Look at the very bottom of my blog. You will see that we are tracking the number of minutes, days and seconds that Bush remains in office!

peace, Villager

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Call Bush's new approach "Operation Bait and Switch." Right now, he says he wants to reduce troops, but we all know the truth. Iraq has become ungovernable and the situation will continue to deteriorate. Justa as Bush has done in the past, he will claim that new circumstances require him either to maintain the present troop levels, increase them, or expand the chaos to Iran.

Thanks for running this excellent article.

Villager said...

Francis - It amazes me that we continue to fall for this same one-pony trick of W. Ah well, only a little over 400 days until the next president takes office!

peace, Villager

Villager said...

All - John McCain will keep us in Iraq for another 50 years. Is that really what we want?