August 14, 2007

Michael Vick Enters Hall of Shame

I imagine that any of us that manage to get caught up in the criminal injustice system are fools of one sort or another. However, any fool who is arrogant enough to create a dog-fighting company on the down-low while signing a $130 million contract in the public eye ... well that is a special kind of fool.
Michael Vick decided that the weight of the evidence against him was too much to fight. As such, he will plead guilty to the charges in the 18-page indictment laid out against him last month. He joins other high-profile atheletes who thought that their sh*t didn't stink.

Check out this Hall of Shame:

  1. Mark Bell - hockey player
  2. Rae Carruth - football player
  3. Maurice Clarett - football player
  4. Mike Danton - hockey player
  5. Doc Gooden - baseball player
  6. Hollywood Henderson - football player
  7. Jamal Lewis - football player
  8. Denny McLain - baseball player
  9. Bob Probert - hockey players
  10. Pete Rose - baseball player
  11. Art Schlicter - football players
  12. Darryl Strawberry - baseball player
  13. Mike Tyson - boxer
Villagers, do you have any other athletes to add to this Hall of Shame?


Bronze Trinity said...

Now maybe people will stop focusing on this guy and defending him. He pleaded guilty so he's guilty. If he was innocent he would have gone to trial. I know that sometimes poor people take a plea but this guy can afford a trial. There is too much evidence so he took the plea. Why were people defending this guy so much? I didn't understand it at all. There are other cases of people who have barely any evidence against them who are not getting any attention. Did people and the media pay so much attention because this guy is rich? Was it the dogs? Was it just because he was Black?

Villager said...

Trinity - It was the dogs. I'm convinced that the hysteria by the media and others was strictly a result of the fact that the "victim" of his crime was dogs.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

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Ross said...

Well, lets not jump to conclusions here. Innocent people especially brothers do take pleas, although I think he was guilty of dog fighting. I am not letting Vick off the hook by any means, I love animals. My little pug finally bit the dust after $2,000 in surgery bills. I guess that I could have electrocuted her. All joking aside. Vick was black, rich, arrogant, and a thug, but he was a thug (like Pacman) before the NFL and he will like Tyson be a thug after the NFL. A thug has never led any kind of a professional sports team to the championship. Vick had to go! He is a loser not a winner. The final point is that the Feds went after Vick, this was unprecedented! Do you think that the Feds would have went after Tom Brady? Hell no! Jordan even got a past when his ass was busted gambling at Atlanta City. Kobe was charged with rape and he came back. Kobe is a winner!
While the rapers like to feature pit bulls in their videos (the dog pound), dog fighting mostly in the south is pure red neck. Vick provided the Bush Administration with a nice diversion so they could continue with their own criminal activities.

Keith said...

Count me in with Bronze Trinity and Ross. I could say a lot more, I suppose, but figure I'll leave that space for someone who needs it. Vic is guilty. Vic is a damned fool. Let's face it. Now let's move on.

Villager said...

Ross & Keith - thanx for taking time to visit with us. Your comments are on point. If Vick was innocent he had the money to pay for a trial and he only needed to convince one juror ... sorta like OJ did in his criminal trial. Methinks that this story will slowly fade away.

peace, Villager

James said...

I agree, Mike Vick has to feel like a fool. A white guy told me, he would have made out better by raping a little boy.
I do not feel sorry for Vick but in the same breath do not understand the concern for some animals. This is a country that has hung, raped and stole from people, Police brutality is celebrated. Mike shoud have stayed out of trouble. I did to protect a whole lot less money

Villager said...

James - sad but true ... the dogs did him in. I'm not certain he would have been better off raping a little boy ... America doesn't much care for pedophiles either (except R.Kelly). However, I agree that he picked the wrong crime to commit if he ever hoped to be forgiven.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah - dogs are cute and precious, blah, blah, blah. PETA, PETA, PETA - puppy dogs, rainbows and unicorns…

Michael Vick didn’t kill a human; they were f@cking dogs - case closed. There have been countless examples of athletes responsible for deaths - Ray Lewis barely avoided murder charges - let alone drunk driving or worse (let’s not even discuss child support).

Now, it has been a long time since junior high but when last I checked, not only were dogs domesticated animals (that fall much lower on the food chain than humans) but we have killed domesticated animals for much lesser crimes. The ASPCA kills tens of thousands of domesticated animals on a weekly basis. Also, when in the hell did PETA become a lobby group in charge of upholding federal policy?

Don’t get me wrong - Pamela Anderson has great tits, but she needs to shut the f@ck up and just sit there and look pretty. Doesn’t she still have hepatitis or AIDS or something she caught from Kid Rock? Go get therapy bitch, and leave Michael Vick alone.

I agree that killing animals for random reasons is cruel; but fine him. Community Service. Any other mundane nonsense that we normally throw at bullsh!t crimes is the categorical reprimand this deserves.

He was making $100M. Can you imagine the good he would have been able to do in the furthering of animals’ rights with his fame and money? Am I on crazy pills or am I the only one who sees this as another step in the wussification of the public perception of justice? Michael Vick should be free - fine him, spank him, cane him, WHATEVER - but jail? WTF! Anyone who thinks this is enough to completely ruin a man’s life, is bat shit insane and should be spayed and neutered because they shouldn’t taint the gene pool.

Michael Vick’s contribution to the game of football is enormously more valuable than the lives of 10,000 dogs and 72 kittens.

I have spoken.

James said...

We should note, Hollywood Henderson is helping many beat drugs and may have turned his life around. Jim Brown is my hero and I admire him, and would be worried to add his name to the list, your thoughts? Joe, I want to kiss you, Namath is another hero of mine, your thoughts, how about cheerleader, george bush and his dui?

Villager said...

James - The list has a number of others that could be added. Jim Brown did do some awful things in terms of domestic violence. However, he paid his debt to society and does some tremendous things now. I'm sorry that he wasn't able to talk sense into Maurice Clarett's head before his sports career ended in favor of a prison term. I don't recall Joe Namath going to jail. Did he?

peace, Villager

James said...

Jim Brown has done great work with gangs, Joe Namath did not go to jail, the shame was in his akward atempt at romance on national TV

Glendell-the aArt Master said...

Fool? Yes, but can we forgive him? I think we can. Micheal Vice feels he isn't legit anymore, he thinks the hood doesn't feel him anymore. That he doesn't belong in hood, in the streets anymore. So, he does and did something that represents the hood but more the streets - gangster. He did something that I know he was doing while he was living in the hood. I'm not a ganster but what Vick did definitely represents the streets - that act totally makes him a gangster and a homie that's still true to the Game. He knew the risk, but he being true to himself - tried to flip Game on the NFL. But he lost. What caused this behavior is Micheal Vick's love for who he is, his roots; like myself - we'll always be hood and feel hood and flip Game. That's what Vick did in the NFL, and he became a star. And no, I don't agree with his actions, I just feel my true as* homie. Feel me? He was just refusing to let money take him from the hood and the streets - for we understand both. My homie.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, "Now, it has been a long time since junior high..."

Was that when you dropped out?

Villager said...

Glendell - The homies in the hood would not pay for the college education of his children or the house for his mother. The NFL and his NFL fans are the ones doing that. He decided to live the life of a gangster and he forfeited his NFL salary, his NIKE endorsements ... hell, he even lost his own shoe! Was it worth it? I think not.

peace, Villager