July 17, 2007

Michael Vick, Say It Ain't So!

My 7-year old son and 10-year old daughter each have a #7 Michael Vick jersey. I doubt if they will wear them any longer. Not when they figure out what dog fighting is all about. The federal government indicted Michael Vick for "sponsoring a dog in an animal fighting venture". Evidently, Vick's homies aren't as tight-lipped as Barry Bonds' homies. The federal government hasn't been able to indict Bonds for the past four years. It barely took four weeks for the feds to search Vick's home and come down with this indictment.

Villagers, I encourage you to take a moment to download the 18-page indictment. Also, take a moment to check out a dog fighting fact sheet.

This is hot ghetto mess. I have a cousin who raises pit bulls out in the country. That is as close as I've been to the dog fighting underground. As such, I simply don't understand the thrill. I'm told that cock-fighting and dog fighting are quite common in many areas of the South. I defer to those villagers from below the Mason-Dixon line to school me on how common it is. I just know that if you're the most popular African American quarterback in the NFL ... this ain't where you want to be.

I imagine that Pac-Mac Jones, Tank Johnson and Chris Henry are feeling a little weight coming off their shoulders. The full weight of the media is going to head down to Atlanta. It is going to be rough for the Atlanta Falcons to focus on football this year with the off-field distraction. I live in Cincinnati. Last year, we thought that the Bengals were heading to the Super Bowl. A few off-field arrests and indictments and the Bengals were history. I anticipate that the same thing will happen this year with the Falcons.

Finally, let me be the first to tell you how the race card will eventually get played in this situation. At some point Vick is going to get suspended by the NFL commissioner. When it happens folks are going to point out how the commissioner reduced the suspension on a white player earlier this year ... but, is taking a hard line on Black players. Remember that you heard it here first.

Personally, I don't have much sympathy for Vick. He built the house. He bought the dogs. His friends and family were involved. There are over 50 dogs found (alive and dead) on his property. You do the crime ... you are gonna to the time. It wouldn't surprise me if he is released by the Atlanta Falcons owner. Didn't Tank Williams get released by the Chicago Bears for a speeding ticket last month?

Well villagers ... what say u?


katherine. said...

it could be that Vick provided his relations with the property or whatever...but didn't actually participate or have knowledge of what they were doing.

And I just get sooooo tired of the Bonds bashing....he's getting tested every hour on the hour...and still manages to pursue the record....

Villager said...

Katherine - I hope you are right. However, my gut feeling is that Vick was aware of what was occurring and likely participated himself. I think that his career will end poorly as a result of these legal problems.

re: Barry Bonds. I agree. I figure that there were dozens if not hundreds of baseball players on the juice. Why do we single out Bonds?

peace, Villager

Christine of Epiphany said...

It's popular in areas of Price Hill.
I assume the thrill is all about a release valve for whatever is wrong with their lives.
Anyway, it's a horrible thing.

Kristi K. said...

The whole situation with the dog fighting breaks my heart....no matter who is involved.

I agree with Katherine on the Bonds issue. I think it's unfair as well. Why just him?

Thanks for stopping by my 1st "Wednesday" post. ;)

I think the boys in my photo were mesmerized by the ball game because it was the girls' softball game. :)

I took it, because it was a different point of view of the game. I loved your comment, though! Made me smile. The girls' team pitcher is already being scouted. Sometimes she threw so fast it was hard to see the ball. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

What do you think will happen to vick? Found a pretty interesting debate on this site.


Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Villager said...

Anonymous - Thanx for the link to SportsDopes. Personally, I think that Vick is going down. There are 30 dead dogs ... and somebody is going to have to pay.

Kristi - I hope you have a chance to come back and visit with us in the future!

Christine - Price Hill? Dayum, I am so naive about things.

peace, Villager

Blu Jewel said...

celebrity crime has increased and all too often, they're punishments are minimal and insulting to your average citizen. while this is merely an indictment and not a conviction, one can only speculate how it will play out. personally, i don't see the thrill in animals fighting each other unless they're in the wild. animals raised in homes are intended to be domestic and not used an entertainment.

however it turns out, what occurred at M.V's place was cruel, inhumane, and uncalled for. he plays an aggressive sport, so why would he want aggression as a recreation or hobby? to each his/her own, but it does make one question his mentality.

moreso than i want, i'm sure this story will play out for media entertainment and speculation.

Villager said...

Blu Jewel - You can bet that the media will play this story up for all that it's worth. As such, I don't see a positive outcome for Vick ... no matter how much he pays his legal team.

peace, Villager

Ellen Leigh said...

I'm glad to see that your kids don't think too much of Vick now. There are lots better people to look up to for children than sports figures, Hollywood celebrities, and just plain rich peoples' kids. I don't follow any sports, just not interested, so I haven't been following this story or any of the other stories very closely- but it just bothers me that these celebrities, no matter what their color or profession are our children's role models. We as parents need to direct our children's attention toward more worthwhile people, people in our own communities, and people we know have high morals and integrity, besides setting a good example for them ourselves.
On the dog fighting issue- it's just plain wrong- and I don't see the entertainment in either it or cock fighting- it's probably more the thrill of the illegal gambling that is the excitement there, and no-one with even moderately high morals would be involved in it. Too bad if Vick didn't know that his property was being used in this venture, if he owns the property, he is responsible in some way- even if he just turned a blind eye to what was going on. If you are letting someone use your property, you need to make sure that they are following all the laws of the land.

Villager said...

Ellen - First, my thanks to you for visiting the Electronic Village. Second, I agree with your insights on role models, dog-fighting and the perils of being an absentee landlord. I think that your comments on role models may lead to a future post here on the Electronic Village! Take care, Villager

Kristi K. said...

I had to stop by again, because I wanted to let you know that I am putting you on my (very narrow) list of blogs I read daily. My brain needs your blog. I need to think more, and your blog makes me think. You have an amazing mind and you have the courage to speak it. I am doing my regular visitors a favor by introducing your blog. What you have to say needs to be heard.

I also wanted to add that my husband and I were discussing the dog fighting issue several months back...but not in regard to Vick. There was a huge bust in our area that also involved drugs and weapons. They were showing on the news footage of one dog being ripped apart by another. The sounds on the video alone made me weep.

Sometime that month I came across a blog whose author runs a dog rescue. Her most recent rescue at the time was a dog who was used as a "bait" dog for dog fights. This dog was used to teach the other dogs to fight, without risk of injury to the fighting dogs. It was a small female dog, several breeds represented in its pedigree. Looked part lab, maybe. She had no ears left and was so wounded when the rescue got her that they had to drive her two states over for surgery to save her.

The rescue owner asked for fellow bloggers to knit hats to help cover the dog's head, because it had no ears to protect it. She was flooded with responses from fellow bloggers. Many people knitted hats and sent them within the week.

I can't get these images out of my head. Sometimes I think I am too compassionate for my own good. I have a Noah's ark at home because I can't turn my back on a helpless creature in need.

I don't know exactly what involvement Vick had with this crime. Do any of us know? I know the media can twist and turn things to their own advantage.

However, I am just sickened to think that anyone could find such an event "sporting". At the same time I am encouraged by the compassion of some very caring people in the world. I don't want to lose faith in the good in people. Sometimes it's just really hard to hold on to it when there is so much violence everywhere.

Thanks again for the work you do with this blog. You are making a difference.

plez... said...

i live in Atlanta... and it's not looking too good for the home team! the fact that he purchased the property and there is evidence of fighting dogs found on the property and there is evidence of fighting dog carcasses on the property... and his homies obviously have no reservations about ratting Vick out for his participation in training and the brutal act of killing the dogs (if you haven't done so, read the indictment)... it's not looking too good for the home team! the losing continues in Atlanta.

i've also opined about this situation over at plezWorld.

Villager said...

Kristi - Asante sana! Your words are much too kind ... however, they are also very much appreciated. I hope that we continue to provide you with a reason to visit with us in the future.

There are some horrific stories and images of dogs engaged in dog fighting. The Vick indictment talks about the various ways that dogs are killed in this sport if they aren't able to continue fighting. This isn't going to be a pretty story.

Plez - We went thru the distractions in 2006 here in Cincinnati with the off-field antics of the Bengals. I see that your Falcons will go thru the same distractions this year. It is a shame that the back-up QB was traded. Bad timing. Personally, I think that Vick will be made an example of by his owner. I think that Blank will evenutally trade or release Michael Vick.

peace, Villager

Sparky Duck said...

As I said over in my little world, The Falcons will be stuck with Vick if he isnt suspended because of the richness (is that a word) of his contract. Tank made a lot less, so the signing bonus was neglible.

Things look bleak for Vick, though there is always the I will save my skin my ratting out the star factor, now its up to the jury to decide who to believe.

No one will yell about Allen because they have never heard of him :)

the teach said...

Dog-fighting and cock-fighting are terrible and bloody. I think there's something wrong with people who consider it entertaining.

Also watching human beings fight, a la Fight Club, to the point where one or the other has to slap the floor to yield or else get his arm broken is horrendous. Getting enjoyment out of blood and gore is near to crazy, no?

Rosemarie said...

I don't get the fighting at all! If Vick is the owner of the property then he's responsible. I'm not sure if his so called friends are being truthful though about his participation. We'll have to wait and see how the story progresses. Loosing his job?! I guess since he is a role model and we as a society need to draw the line somewhere.

Villager said...

Sparky Duck - Your insights from the sports perspective are appreciated. I do recall that Vick signed the richest contract in NFL history a few years ago ($130 million as I recall). That might be hard for others to swallow. That is why I think he'll be released. Plus, I think that the Falcons' owner (Blank) is the type who can afford to set an example.

Teach & Rosemarie - I agree with you both. It is hard to understand what the thrill is about watching dogs tear themselves apart?!?

peace, Villager

Dixiechick said...

Thanks for stopping by the other day.

This practice is not common in my area of Tennessee.

It truly amazes me that these professionals resort to idiotic things such as this.

I heard on the news yesterday that Pac Man Jones will get to play in pre-season with the Titans...

Have your kids get a Vince Young jersey... now there's good jersey to wear.

Villager said...

DixieChick - Thank you for your comments. The Vince Young jersey might be a good idea, except that I'm a USC Trojan fan (I was born & raised in Los Angeles) ... so Vince is evil incarnate at our house for beating the Trojans in that Rose Bowl game ... heck, both my parents went to Univ of Michigan ... and Vince danced on the grave of the Michigan Wolverines the year before!!! (smile)

We will end up getting a Carson Palmer shirt for each of 'em!

Manila Mom said...

Any kind of animal fighting "sport" should be outlawed. We should have evolved enough as humans to see the cruelty in this. Sadly, in many parts of the world, several kinds of animal fighting are still legal: dog fights, cockfights, bull fights. Morepeopleshouldlobby against it.

Villager said...

Manila Mom - Thanx for sharing your village voice! I agree that the practice is barbaric. I don't see any chance for Michael Vick to ever clear his name and reputation as a result of his involvement in this sick 'sport'.

peace, Villager