July 30, 2007

Gang Rape, Genarlow Wilson & Jena 6

I see that Al Sharpton went down to support the Jena 6 recently. Sharpton works to uplift our people in his own way. He criticized officials in this racially tense Louisiana town, saying the attempted murder charges leveled against six Black teens show 'one rule for white kids and one for Black kids.'

Similar observations were made by Barack Obama at the NAACP convention last month and again this past week in reference to the Genarlow Wilson situation. Obama noted the different rules of justice and punishment for white and Black people by saying,

"How is it Scooter Libby isn't behind bars and we've got a young man in jail right now sentenced to 10 years for something that isn't even a felony?"
It is a good thing whenever a celebrity uses his/her status to shine the light on injustice.

The time has come for the Electronic Village to join other Black bloggers in The AfroSpear to speak out on the lack of media attention paid to the Dunbar Village gang rape in West Palm Beach, FL. A few dogs are endangered and every federal agency in law enforcement gets involved in effort to indict a quarterback. Ten criminals rape and beat a mother and her child in West Palm Beach ... and nothing appears to be happening. Seven of the criminals are still at large. The community is still victimized by these seven thugs.

Perhaps it is time for Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others to shine their light on the travesty of justice that continues to occur for people of African descent in the Dunbar Village projects.

I encourage all 'villagers' to get up to speed on this situation. What About Our Daughters is the best source of information that I have seen online. In fact, the blogger who runs WAOD was on National Public Radio earlier this week to share her outrage over the apparent indifference of our leaders about this matter.


Yobachi said...
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Yobachi said...

I hadn't even thought about the paralell between The Jena Six and Genarlow Wilson til now; but they are indeed parallel. Both cases show Jim Crow making a comeback as white's lose their guilt and strike back against the civil rights gains of the last 40 years.

I've got a new strategy for jena six that I posted about today. I'll hope you'll look at it and weigh in.

Content Black Woman said...

I just reported on my site about what Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Florida) did in response at Why Black Women Are Angry. This issue indeed must be addressed.

Villager said...

Yobachi - I visited your blog and agree with your strategy. It will take all of us to reverse the injustice being done of those six young men in Jena, LA.

CBW - I am heading over to your blog right now to see your post.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

I dunno, yobachi. It's not all us whites. The chuckleheads are striking out at everyone who doesn't believe in the power of whitebread nation, including those of us they call "liberals" who dare to say that the goings on in places like Darfur and Jena are wrong.

As for Obama, don't worry too much about him. Even when he was in law school the conservative element made derogatory comments about how non-whites were "quotas" and nonsense like that. He showed his spine when he was elected editor of the law review. He's one smart guy. He's paying attention because he knows. He knows.

Obama may not get chosen to be the democratic nominee this time, but give him 4 more years and he'll be better experienced and positioned to grab the brass ring.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Be not deceived. Jim Crow is not making a "comeback". It never left.

Villager said...

Eddie - Amen! We need to continue being very diligent in placing spotlight on Jim Crow justice whenever possible.

peace, Villager

LinkMaster said...

Please don't use Jena as an example of ANYthing other than deliberate stupidity. Jena is a town that is WAY off of any main road and has developed its own "give and take" between the races. Whites and blacks are equa opportunity haters there. Rather than get an education and a JOB - BOTH races sit around thinking up things they can sue each other for. Both the white children involved in this Jena 6 incident AND the black children are victims of their idiot parents' racist ways. I say - get the kids out, wall up the town with the black and white adults in it and - if they want to hate each other - tell em to have at it - but the kids won't see it anymore and won't repeat it.