July 31, 2007

Chris Rock Ain't No Hot Ghetto Mess

Many villagers spent time last month protesting against the 'Hot Ghetto Mess' television show placed on the air by BET. We had some successes in getting advertisers to leave the show as well as getting the objectionable name of the show changed.

During the course of the protest effort another blogger asked me about a Chris Rock vignette called, 'How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police'. The Teach wondered what I thought about Chris Rock's efforts.

Click here to see the 4-minute comedy sketch

Teach, I laughed out loud during the Chris Rock video! On the other hand, I didn't crack a smile during the HGM pilot show. If the goal of a comedian is to make us laugh ... Chris Rock beats Charlie Murphy by a landslide.


natural muze said...

yeah chris rock is that ish. charlie murphy leaves a lot to be desired. that show WAS a hgm. i turned my tv off when i caught my bf watching it....and actually laughing! i was so mad. that show is unnacceptable.

Villager said...

Muze - I am unable to understand how anyone can laugh at HGM. The pilot show was simply awful. I didn't watch the 2nd week of the show. Hopefully, the ratings will result in the show being cancelled.

peace, Villager

cibattle said...

didn't watch HGM, . .most likely will not. The website was pretty funny.

Claire said...
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Claire said...

Hey i just wandered over to see if you had done a manic this week.

I thought of the endless possibilities you could of used the 'lie' theme this week.

I had a look at the HGM stuff and unfortunately went on to the website. Is it meant to be funny? because i just found it *insert rude word here*

dcsavvystar said...

I have to give it to Chris Rock too. he knows how to be comical without putting us in an awkward situation as black people (such as HGM did). I watched HGM and I am embarressed that I did... It was terrible. Many people argue that it was not one sided - BUT what if this aired on NBC? Don't you think more people would be outraged? Why do we accept such mediocre standards from BET... oh yeah - b/c we're used to it!
Great Post villager. Thanks for defining the difference in "comedy"

Villager said...

Cibattle - Another sign that I'm getting old ... I didn't find anything about the HGM website or tv show to be funny. Degrading our people and our community is no longer a subject that brings chuckles to me.

Claire - I'm out on the west coast of the country on a semi-vacation with my parents and children ... so I'm not able to update the blog so easily. Hopefully, I will be able to particpate in WW tomorrow!

DC Savvy Star - You hit on the key point ... our standards of excellence for stations like BET have deteriorated tremendously. HBO and TNT and other stations proudly list their emmy-nominated shows. BET doesn't even try to qualify for such nominations denoting excellence. It's a shame.

peace, Villager

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

HGM? What kind of GOd-Awful name is that? Disgusting.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Oh, Chris Rock, on the other hand... he knocks on my door and offers to take me away from all this and it's, "Bye honey. Sorry!"


the teach said...

Glad you liked Chris Rock, villager. I laughed out loud too.

the teach said...

Nancy LL, I think Chris Rock is happily married and has kids whom he loves very much. I know I asked him to run away with me and he said NO. LOL!

Martin Lindsey. said...

Man I needed that laugh! I had my co-worker cracking up with that one as soon as I walked in the door.

Sent it to the relatives too. I know they are going to fall out. He covered everything my mother ever told me on the subject plus a few.

Villager said...

Teach & Nancy - Hold up! Are you two thinking about The Rock or Chris Rock? (smile)!

Martin - Glad that the vignette brought a smile to your face!

peace, Villager

Rosemarie said...

"I laughed out loud during the Chris Rock video!"