July 12, 2007

Obama Fundraising Observation

Barack Obama surprised everyone last quarter by raising over $32 million. More importantly, the number of donors that gave to his campaign was higher than ever in the history of presidential politics.

I had to smile in the days following when Fox Noise and other news outlets began to pooh-pooh Obama's accomplishment by sharing the fact that many of his donors gave as little as $5 each for a keychain or a bumper sticker. The media and others continually try to denigrate and downplay what Obama is doing. Some media sources, like the NY Times, appear to be playing it straight.

What is the difference between a $5 Obama donor getting something in return (keychain or bumper sticker) and a $2,300 Guiliani donor getting something in return (dinner and a photo)? Other than the difference in the dollar amount ... aren't they both exercising the same 'freedom of speech' to be a political donor?

Just an observation from near the baobob tree here in our 'village'.

Villagers, soon we will need to turn the discussion to presidential politics. I read with interest the decision-making process being employed by Field Negro. His analysis rings true for me.

Well villagers, what say u? What are your thoughts on the presidential campaign to date?


Sparky Duck said...

Its jealousy because Obama and his key chains means he has lots of names he can go back and tap again for more dough, while a $2300 Giuliani donation will mean less you can get from that person later.

I wish Fred Thompson would get in already so they could start checking him out as well and let him share the spotlight.

Danielle said...

Though Obama is not my man it is wonderful that the majority of his contributors have donated small.

It is by the many hands.

For me and the Blogathon, I have pledges so far totaling $140 all from donors contributing $25 or less.

I am going all the way with Dennis Kucinich. He supports every issue that I've addressed at Modern Musings and is truly dedicated to fighting for the betterment of the people.

Obama is as well but I do feel he is not experienced enough and from what I've heard seems to be following the tide instead of making waves.

The best message Obama makes is personal accountability which needs to be seriously addressed within America.

I can't go with any of the Republicans not even Ron Paul due to his stance on abortion and other issues.

I won't go with Hillary because of her corporate ties and the same can be said of John Edwards.

Last point on the elections is the need to go back to paper ballots in order to preserve the electoral process. I found a testimony which I put on Modern Musings which outraged me and I am looking deeper into it regarding the fix of not only the Ohio elections in 2004 but in Florida in 2000 ordered by the high ranking politicians.

I encourage every one here at the village to get all the facts, a good place to start is http://www.vote-smart.org/index.htm

Don't get caught up in group think, don't blindly support someone based on my or anyone else's opinion, take the time to make an educated choice.

Much Love

Villager said...

Sparky Duck - It will be a much more interesting race with Fred Thompson in it. Although, truth to tell ... I think that he is too boring to make a difference.

Danielle - I don't recall if I made a donation for you and your Blogathon. I will do so now. In the meantime, I respect the strength of your commitment to Dennis Kucinich. He is an idealistic candidate who has a forum for his views. I don't think that he is electable though.

peace, Villager

rikyrah said...

I'm glad that someone else notices how they try to downplay and dismiss Obama's supporters. But, the numbers speak for themselves.

Villager said...

Rikyrah - Yeah... I have some other observations about Obama and the election coverage ... just need to find time to post 'em! Have you decided who you are going to vote for next year?

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

It's so angering to see historical achievements denigrated. Thanks for covering this!

In the New York Times today, there is some excellent coverage of Barack Obama's days in Illinois legislature, with the issue he championed giving a clear sense of his governing priorities. It's excerpted and linked at the Francis L. Holland Blog.

Villager said...

Francis - Thank you for the reference to your post on the Illinois voting record. I don't have much background on his time in the Illinois state government. I do think that his early years thru college and his community organizer days are instructive on the type of person that he became.

He is my frontrunner for my vote.

peace, Villager