July 14, 2007

Genarlow Wilson Goes to Supreme Court

The Georgia Supreme Court hearings to free Genarlow Wilson are over, with no decision expected soon.

The courtroom was packed for the hearing, and arguments were broadcast live over the Internet. The hearing came after justices decided earlier this month to speed up the process in the case of Wilson, the Douglas County man imprisoned for receiving oral sex from a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. Wilson's attorneys arguing his 10-year prison sentence is cruel and unusual punishment.

Drumbeats to Too Sense for efforts to live-blog on the Supreme Court hearing.

It amazes me that the national media blows up a story about the injustice to a pit bull ... while barely touching stories about injustice to Genarlow Wilson or the Jena Six. Our sense of priority seems out of kilter so often in this country.

Villagers, what do you think?


Danielle said...

"Former state Rep. Matthew Towery, the author of the 1995 law Wilson was charged with violating, submitted a friend of the court brief supporting his release."

The above should be clearly enough to free Wilson. This case has been blown out of proportion to the detriment of this young man's life. He was 17 a kid himself! If the man who wrote the law that the court is enforcing says that Wilson did not violate this law then why is the court pursuing it!

Why is there no decision going to be made?

I am so thankful to you for bringing my attention to this case as well as the Jena Six. I don't see this ANYWHERE ELSE.

Any time a person's rights are violated we all are affected.

Much Love

natural muze said...

heyyy. thanks for stopping by my blog. i agree that 10 years for receiving oral sex from your gf is too much. and i think if the girl had been black it wouldn't even have been an issue. stuff like this just makes me mad!

feel free to stop back by and check me out...i'll be back around these parts.

Bronzetrinity said...

I don't doubt for a second that there are people in this world who value the life of a dog more than the life of a Black man. People care more about their pets than they do about each other and its really disgusting.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Thanks Village for keeping us posted. I would like someday to expand upon juvenile justice... how they can charge our "children" (under 18) with some of the most serious crimes for the meager of offenses.

the teach said...

It's a d____ shame! Genarlo Wilson should NEVER have gotten a 10 year sentence and now they won't make a decision...it's terrible!

Villager said...

Danielle - One of the amazing things about the blogosphere is our ability to inform one another about issues that aren't covered in the traditional media. You do that very well on Modern Musings blog as well.

Natural Muze - Asante sana!

Bronze Trinity - It is strange the way that we prioritize things with one another.

Eddie - When you are ready I will be happy to support your efforts. It is a subject well worth exploring!

Teach - Now you understand why I sometimes call it the criminal "just-us" system.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

Agree with natural muze on the racial element of this sentencing.

hottnikz said...

How does oral sex equate to ten years anyway? This shouldn't have to go through any Supreme Court, they should be actually apologizing for messing this kids life up. On a lighter note, the guy who made up that law obviously isn't getting any.

Also, I want to say this: Often young girls like to deal with a guy that is a couple of years older than them. Teen girls are often more mature than boys their age. I remember growing up thats how I was. I wasn't having sex at that young of an age, but if I had decided to it probably would have been with a guy about two years older than me. I see nothing wrong with a couple of years age difference.

Deborah said...

Thanks for letting me know about this Wayne. I hadn't heard about it up here in Canada.

I'm assuming that this was consentual, and if that's the case, it's outrageous.

He was merely a kid when it happened himself, opposed to being an adult taking advantage of a young girl.

Kids can be very promiscuous and do a lot more than have oral sex. I'm sure that many parents would be surprised to learn what their kids have actually been doing unaware to them.

This is far from a unique occurance as far as their activities go. Why the unusual sentence is beyond me. But I can only base my opinion from what I've read here.

natural muze said...

Asante sana!

si neno! very cool use of Swahili...and thanks for the linkage...going to add you to my blogroll right this sec.

kwa heri! :-)

Kim said...

shameful!!!! just shameful!!!!!!
and very frightening......where is the justice????

Villager said...

Sokari, Deborah & Kim - Thank you for sharing your village voice on this subject. We need to keep our prayers out for Genarlow and his family.

Hottnikz - I agree with your first paragraph ... the punishement was out of proportion to the crime. However, I disagree with your second paragraph. No matter how mature the body of a 15-year old girl is ... she is still 15-years old and unable to make an adult decision about sex. Our laws should continue to keep her off-limits from predators and others that would take advantage of our inexperienced mind & emotions.

Natural Muse - Thank you very much for the 'link love'!

peace, Villager

hottnikz said...

I was talking about mature mind set- not body. I was way more mature mentally than a boy my age.

In no way am I saying that 15 year olds should be making adult decisions or be out there having sex. 17 isn't an adult either. They were both kids is all I'm saying. And that it's not so shocking that a 15 and 17 year old was together in the first place.

Chuck Gallagher said...

The outcome of this case will surely be decided within a week or two at the latest. But, beyond the minimum sentence issue, at hand, a larger question exists: what will Genarlow Wilson do to benefit others from his experience? Certainly, his sentence and incarceration has caused a law to be changed. One could say that is good. But beyond that, Genarlow is an example of a simple, yet profound, principle: Every choice has a consequence.

As former inmate from Federal prison, today I share with business executives and young people that simple message: Every choice has a consequence. http://www.chuckgallagher.com And, while I am extraordinarily sympathetic to Mr. Wilson's plight, his example has helped other young people evaluate the power of their seemingly simple choices. As the founder of the Choices Foundation, perhaps Genarlow would consider stepping up and helping others understand the power of choice.

Villager said...

Chuck - Thank you for taking time to visit the Electronic Village. First things first ... Genarlow needs to be released. At that point the young brother will have a number of options for his life. Being a role model is inevitable. Hopefully, he will complete his education as well.

Hottnikz - Understood. Thank you for sharing your village voice with us.

Mig said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Since I was not familiar with the story, I cannot make a pertinent comment...

Villager said...

Mig - I hope that we have piqued your interest enough to visit with us again in the future!

peace, Villager