July 22, 2007

Hot Ghetto Mess Trying to Clean Up

BET and the jackal blinked first. All references to 'Hot Ghetto Mess' have been removed from their website.

BET decided to change the name of the show to 'We Got To Do Better'. The details of the backchannel communications are described on the WhatAboutOurDaughters blog.

The name change does the following things:
  1. It removes the direct and obvious connection to the pornographic website upon which the show is based.
  2. It removes the denigrating reference ('Hot Ghetto Mess') that would be inevitably tied to the African American community.
  3. It removes the irritating HGM logo from the network.
  4. Most importantly, it demonstrates again the power of Black bloggers if we are strategic and direct in our approach.

In my view, the next step is to see which corporations purchase advertisements on the show. If the show doesn't treat our community with dignity and respect ... then I anticipate that the campaign will move towards those advertisers. It is difficult for me to understand how respectable corporations will have their name associated with a show that degrades our people.

Much love to Gina McCauley for the time and effort that she placed into this protest effort. Gina has never visited our blog ... however, she is now an OV (Original Villager)!

Well villagers, what are your thoughts on this latest development?


Bygbaby said...

I'm happy that the name change took place but will feel even better when the show gets canceled!


Blu Jewel said...

i agree with bygbaby.

changing the name is a superficial move; though appreciated. what BET needs to do now, is to remove it from it's line up. i don't see the value added with a such a show to a community and race of people who are in dire need to social uplifting.

while BET is not the only one responsible for the trial and tribulations of the race/community; the people are, they are still a factor in the movement.

the protest showed the nation that black voices can and will be used in an articulate and productive fahsion and should not be taken lightly. with more effort such as this taken for the improvement of the people, maybe the movement will be televised.

mark said...

Electronic Village I agree with you about Gina and I think we need to support her 100% also she is registered with the Forum so that makes things better.

Also I nominate Eddie Griffin for village hero for his stance against DL Huhgley is starting to feel some serious heat behind his cooning and Eddie Griffin is the one who got all of it started.

Villager said...

Bygbaby - The name change is a step in the right direction. I anticipate that once we know who has commercials on the pilot show that the pressure will be applied to those sponsors/advertisers to have them remove their ads before subsequent shows hit the air. That may be enough to finish off the show. My attitude is that they can sell it as a DVD for anyone that wants to buy porn, but, no advertiser that I support should be paying for that porn on the cable airwaves.

Villager said...

Blu Jewel - Thank you for sharing your village voice. BET seems to be dead in the water. Hopefully, other stations like TV-One can take advantage of the opportunity and have advertisers switch to them.

Mark - I haven't blogged much on the DL Hughley situation, however, I agree with you that Eddie Griffin is an elder and a hero!

peace, Villager

mark said...

Just signed the petition thanks for making it available to us.

Villager said...

Mark ... glad u were able to find it. I think that I'm going to add a section just for online petitions. I think I saw that done on Bronze Trinity's blog and it seemed like a good idea!

peace, Villager

Martin Lindsey. said...

Amazing the pull the Afrosphere has been showing (Shaquanda Cotton and this BET development that I read on Young Black Professional Guide earlier today) through out this year. We're part of social conciousness history in the making that I think will be written about in years to come.

As for BET I'm cheap and we have the simple cable package for pure Dave Ramseyesque money saving purposes so there's not a whole lot of garbage that gets into our house in that way but I do like what I've seen from TV One. How about doing a profile on them?

Villager said...

Martin - I watched the show in order to see who had the poor taste to sponsor the pilot show.

I did post on TV-One awhile ago when they celebrated the anniversary of the ROOTS series.

peace, Villager