April 7, 2008

In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur

Have you been listening to the noise surrounding the Olympic torch over in Europe. Protests from people that are upset about China disregard for human rights took it out on the eternal Olympic flame. Many villagers recall that PurpleZoe led us on a Blogging Day of Action for Darfur last year. Well, villagers ... let's do it again!

This time our lead is coming from Danielle. My blog will join Danielle (ModernMusings.com) on April 13th for the In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur campaign. I am hopeful that other bloggers who read this post will join in this effort. The Strategy is to Educate, Motivate and Activate toward ending the genocide in Darfur.

  • Educate through analysis of reports and news materials, compilations of facts through viral multimedia like podcasts and videos posted on YouTube and linking to articles, blog posts, and viral media to expand public knowledge of the Darfuri genocide. Any and all aspects can be focused on; such as the root causes of the murder, who is behind it, and what the international community has done to promote the murder and to end it.

  • Motivate through the capacity within humanity for empathy. Motivate through love. Pull at heart strings, communicate the sameness of Darfuri families and your own, and share the simple, common fact that we are all the same and the suffering of the Darfuri people is felt within our hearts. Motivate through the anger for the greed, the murder, and the lack of action.

  • Activate through petitions, open letters, letters to all our elected officials as well as U.N., Sudanese and Chinese officials, and speaking out to the corporate sponsors of the Beijing Olympics as China plays a key role.

Please reach out to Danielle if you want to add your blog to this unified effort on April 13.


Danielle said...

You are the wings beneath my wings!

I just got through the forwarded emails and next is the updated link list and a master collection of links concerning Darfur.

I learned a table trick{html} that I want to use.

In light and love


Regina said...

Awesome! I'm in!

Villager said...

Regina - It is wonderful to be working side-by-side with you on the In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur campaign. Make sure Danielle knows the URL for your blog so she can add you to the master list that she is maintaining...

Dee said...

Sure count me in. I'm at ceomum.blogspot.com