April 5, 2008

Update on Dunbar Village Victims

WhatAboutOurDaughers.com provided us with an update on the Dunbar Village victims. The mother and her 12-year old son got a rent-free home for a year, furniture and a Christmas tree surrounded by presents.

Detective Lori Colombino, who helped investigate the case, helped move the mother and son into a new rental home, decorated the tree, wrapped the presents and frequently checked in on them - even when she was off-duty.

"They're such a loving family. They're wonderful. They're nice people. They're genuinely good people," Colombino said. "I couldn't imagine anything like this happening to anyone in my family."

The victims are enduring a "daily struggle," Colombino said. But the 35-year-old mother is paying her bills at her rental home and has returned to school. Her son is also going to school.

Colombino doesn't know the total value of donations that went through the police department, but people gave cash, jewelry, clothes and gift cards. Colombino said the 12-year-old boy's favorite gift was a skateboard.

"He loves that thing," Colombino said. [SOURCE]


Regina said...

I'm glad they got some stability and joy back into their lives.
I'm sure the mental scars go deep!

Villager said...

Regina - Yeah ... that was some vile shyt done to them. Difficult for me to understand how six of the 10 rapist-thugs are still running around free...