April 8, 2008

We Declare 'Victory' on Dunbar Village Initiative

Villagers, we are very proud to announce victory in our efforts to stop NAACP and National Action Network from supporting the Dunbar Village rapists. This campaign was defined and initiated by SheCodes (BlackWomenVote) on behalf of Black women and children.

Initially, there were only Black female bloggers signed up for this campaign. However, the issue quickly brought support from white female and Black male bloggers as well. In fact, one brother, Aaron Laramore (A Political Season) uncovered The Point, a new tool for online activism that I anticipate will see greater use within the afrosphere.
Our blog joined the campaign from the beginning and we are grateful to all the villagers who supported this two-week campaign. Victory in the campaign came as a result of apologies received from both Al Sharpton and NAACP. We understand that two more suspects in the original rape case should be arrested shortly. Also, it felt good to post an update on the positive progress made by the Black woman and her child who were victimized, terrorized and tortured by the ten Dunbar Village thugs last year.

The mainstream media picked up on this grassroots campaign. In fact, SheCodes and I will both be on NPR News & Notes tomorrow (Apr 9 @ 1pm ET) to discuss the success of this campaign and a few other issues as part of the Blogger's Roundtable.

Today is a good day to be a blogger! Please take a moment to share your observations if you have time or inclination.


Martin Lindsey. said...

Glad to see the progression of our online impact learning curve over the last year. I'm not always able to actively participate in each initiative but I'm really glad to see that others of you took the bull by the horns on this one and forced the required corrective action to take place.

Speaking of NPR interviews, if you don't mind, see if you can find out from them how to embed their video player into blogs. The best I could do on my Obama post today was to add a link to a Morning Edition episode back to their site.

If you do find out something would mind doing a short how to post on it? Good work as always bro'.

Villager said...

Martin - I won't be with any of the NPR technicians. I go to local NPR radio station to join the roundtable. The local radio guy won't know about embedded videos and such. Can you point me to an example of the video you want to embed? Where can I find it on the NPR website?

learningstuff said...

You can click on the second link in my post from this morning and it will take you to their audio page.