November 3, 2009

Tune In Tuesday: Jill Scott

I can't find my little iPod thingamajig. I may have left it in Atlanta when I was down there a couple of months ago. As a result, I don't listen to much music nowadays. However, when I do get a new iPod ... I'm going to load up on Jill Scott songs. She is truly a talented sista who doesn't seem to get her full measure of respect. Anyhow, I invite all villagers to check out these two videos showing different aspects of Jill Scott's magic:

What is your favorite Jill Scott joint?


Renee said...

Just popped in to say I loves me some Jill Scott. That woman is a triple threat if ever there was one.

Villager said...

Renee - Amen! Have you considered participating in the Tune In Tuesday weekly meme?